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  • Duotone’s new Foilwing is available in 4 sizes based around different wind ranges.  The Foilwing has a single boom arm, built in windows and is designed as a foilwing for SUP/surf foiling or for taking out your SUP and using it to power yourself instead of using a paddle.

  • Our SUP Wave Foil Flow S1 opens up a whole new world of riding waves. Catch barely breaking swell or fly over slower sections with power and speed – the S1 outperforms the conditions every time.

    • Accessible and stable ride
    • Highly durable premium quality
    • High specification Aluminium mast made in Germany
    • Carbon Composite front wing
    • Carbon Compound fuselage and back wing
    • Solid industry-standard 4 screw connection piece, adjustable to the best possible position on your board
    • Optional wedge
    • Polygon screw lock inserts
    • Value-minded
  • Get hooked on the thrill of foiling and recalibrate your perspective on conditions. The new Sky SUP is a 100 % dedicated foil board designed to get you stoked, even when the conditions aren’t playing along!

  • The Sky Surf brings foiling to the wave face in its purest form! Our new dedicated foil surfboard lets you catch waves earlier, glide on ocean swells and carve powerful turns on the smallest of waves.

  • This is the board to get you up and SUP foiling. We tailored every aspect of this board to make sure that you learn quickly, safely, and efficiently.

    With tons of volume for its length, the Air Strike provides an early take off speed and ensures you catch any wave or bump you are paddling into. In small waves or when you’re learning, the buoyancy and stability oif the Air Strike will allow you focus exclusively on the foil. This is a board designed to get you up, foiling and having fun as quickly and easily as possible.

  • 42 cm Rear Stabilizer Wing for Slingshot Hover Glide Foils

  • 48 cm Rear Stabilizer Wing for Slingshot Hover Glide Foils

  • Aluminum replacement mast for all Slingshot Hover Glide foils.

    • 46cm
    • 61cm
    • 71cm
    • 90cm
  • Aluminum Pedestal/top plate for Hover Glide foil.

    Hardware not included

  • For wake foilers, The FSURF is ideal for those with the foil fever who already know how to handle more lift at slower speeds and hope to ride every wave in sight, both large and small. 3rd wave is a breeze, 4th and 5th are calling your name too. Surf ANY boat, and even ride the flats with a little whip and the power of the pump. This foil is also suggested for heavier riders in the 200 + lb range.

  • The Hover Glide FSUP Foil is total control over how far and how long you want to ride a wave. The Infinity 84 is the most efficient wing that allows you to glide rather than endlessly pump. Front wing has a large outline providing all the low-end lift you’ll ever need to catch every lump that rolls by. Downward turned wingtips on the rear wing stay in the water providing gripping stability when you are really leaning into your carves.

  • You’ll like this wing if:

    • You want a stable, user-friendly foil you can ride at slow speeds, surf the smallest wake and waves or kite in super light wind. The Gamma 68cm is the wing of choice for our FWake package due to its flat profile that makes it super stable from side-to-side and give it tons of lift for surfing wakes as small as a jetski ripple.
    • For Windsurf Foil:  Easy entry level wing, low stall speeds that make it great for jibing even if you bobble a bit, great upwind ability and overall stability.
  • You’ll like this wing if:

    • You want guaranteed success foiling in tiny to medium size waves or in light wind. This is the wing included with our FWind and FSurf package. Because of its large surface area and unique inverted gull wing shape, it’s the perfect balance between low-end lift and pumpability and faster top-end speed and performance.
    • If you’re prone surfing and want to turn freely and pump from one wave to the next.
  • You’ll like this wing if:

    • You want maximum lift and stability for SUP surfing success. Included with our FSUP package, this is our largest wing, and you’ll appreciate the extra surface area when you’re gliding across the water on barely a ripple and pumping in circles to catch wave after wave.
    • You’re a SUP surfer or just looking to pump across the Ocean. This wing can pump for days even on flat water and holds large amounts of weight like SUP boards / heavier riders.
    • You’re a windsurfer that wants the ultimate go-slow pump foil wing. This wing is for the wind foiler that wants to be able to do carving tricks, foil out with ease and ride the tiniest bumps while luffing the sail.
  • You’ll like this if:

    • You want a playful wing you can rock from heel to toe like you’re carving a longboard on fresh asphalt. The Space Skate wing included with our FKite package, but is also a great option for behind the boat and surfing small to medium size waves. It has plenty of lift at slower speeds, making it great for entry-level foilers, and it rides with a loose, freeride feel that self-centers as you bounce from turn to turn.


    The Time Code was the original wing that formed the foundation of the entire Hover Glide modular platform.

  • You’ll like this wing if:

    • You’re a kite boarder who wants the best all-around wing for a variety of conditions and wind speeds
    • A wakefoiler who wants to jump and learn tricks or a tow-in surfer who wants to ride faster rolling swell
    • You’re a small lightweight rider, or looking to ride with a power source like a towboat or kite and plan to catch some air at some point as well
    • You’re a windsurfer that likes the feel of traditional windsurfing, good speed, jibes and jumping. Perfect for the intermediate windsurf foiler who wants to go fast and jump, but still be able to jibe.

    The Time Code was the original wing that formed the foundation of the entire Hover Glide modular platform.

Showing 1–16 of 19 results

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