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Ezzy Sails Taka 6

Ezzy Sails Taka 6


Of all of the Ezzy Sails, the Taka is the one that is the easiest to go vertical into the lip. The Taka is the easiest for landing backloops. And the Taka is also Dave Ezzy’s sail of choice for doing double forwards and wave 360’s. The magic of the Taka is the 3 and 3/4 batten shape that goes neutral when the sail luffs. This means that the sail goes completely flat when sheeted out in a cutback or when it passes through the eye of the wind in a backloop.

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The Taka is the hard-core wave sail. Every few years, the sail’s evolution makes a leap forward. This year Ezzy were able to reduce the weight so much that the new 4.7 weighs as little as the old 4.1 Taka. And Ezzy changed the vinyl window to a low-stretch, dyneema enforced film that better transfers gusts of wind into board speed and also makes the Taka more stable in high winds. Like in previous models, the new Taka has 3 full battens and a 3/4 batten that allows the sail to luff, which means that it de-powers when sheeted out or rotated into the wind, making the sail go completely neutral in maneuvers. Surprisingly, the luffing also makes the Taka an ideal sail for learning how to foil. In the Ezzy factory, every Taka is rigged, the quality is inspected, and rigging gauges calibrated so that you can unroll the Taka and rig it perfectly the first time out of the bag—and every other time. Lighter, more stable, and quicker to get going, the Taka continues the tradition of being a no-compromise wave sail

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Size (m)Luff (cm)Boom (cm)Extension (cm)Mast
3.8367-371133-14312-16340 / 370
4.1377-381141-1518-12370 / 370
4.5388-392150-1604-8370 / 400
4.7394-398153-16310-14370 / 400
5.0400-404158-16816-20370 / 400
5.3413-417161-17214-18400 / 400

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