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Goya Volar Freeride Pro

Goya Volar Freeride Pro


The all new Volar is Goya’s ultimate windsurf board to grow, learn and be enjoyed at all levels.

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The all new Volar is Goya’s ultimate windsurf board to grow, learn and be enjoyed at all levels.

The board is fast and accelerates with each gust of wind. On a straight line or gybing, the board rides naturally and stable, giving the rider all the confidence to push their own level at every move. With it’s thinner profile, on the water or the air the new Volar feels as an extension of your body. Each shape was individually created to match it’s conditions, giving the larger volume sizes for wider, early planning and balance need it those conditions, while the smaller two sizes increase bottom curve ride, adding the joy and ease for the rougher days. All boards come with top of the line full carbon construction so you van enjoy these shapes like a PRO. The Volar matches best with the Nexus Freeride.

Available in 105, 115, 130, 145 Litres

Volume (litres)Length (cm)Width (cm)Tail (cm)Sail (sqm)Weight (kg)Tail ShapeFins
1052476843.45.5 - 8.06.6RoundMFC LP PB 36
115249.271.945.86.0 - 8.56.9RoundMFC LP PB 38
13025077.350.36.0 - 9.07.6RoundMFC LP PB 42
145252.585.9537.0 - 10.08RoundMFC LP PB 46

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  1. 2xs

    I went for a sail on Sunday in 14-17 knots NE and was expecting to come off the water grumpy! Wrong – I took out the new Goya Volar Pro 105 and the Ezzy Cheetah 7.0 and had a big grin on my face. The Volar Pro is super light for a board of that size and it just takes a couple of pumps to get it planing. Once on the plane, its fast and glides through the lulls well without having to bear away too much (so no walk of shame in marginal conditions). With a bit more breeze it will set off like its arse is on fire. That said, the Volar is an easy board to sail – it is comfortable in the chop and forgiving in the gybes….in fact it pretty much gybes itself. It is one of those boards that makes you look better than you are (which I like). 20 knots + in the trench on this board is going to an absolute blast . John Humberstone.

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