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Quatro Roam

Quatro Roam


The Roam AST is identical to the Glide Pro except for it’s construction.

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The Roam AST is identical to the Roam Pro except for it’s construction.

Its stretched outline and rocker are inspired by the Sup custom raceboards we’ve been building over the years. Width and volume however provide for a more stable ride. The Roam’s squaretail releases all water in the most straightforward way, paddle-stroke by paddle-stroke. Two sets of rubber deck straps allow you to take a daypack and then some along for the journey.

Available in 330 litres.

AST construction. Offering a durable, tough and light board, but considerably more affordable than carbon constructions. AST construction uses a cubed fused cell foam core. An advanced sandwich build guarantees for light weight and supreme water resistance. AST models feature un-directional glass-reinforced rails for extra stiffness in surf conditions. High grade epoxy resin creates an impact resistant outer skin while increasing overall hull strength.

Length (ft)Volume (litres)Width (inches)Tail Width (inches)Weight (kg)Rider (kg)TailFins
12'63303217.7515.675-100SquashMFC SUP Racing 22 US

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