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  • The Fanatic Blast. Have a blast!

    This cutting edge freestyle shape has incredible acceleration, speed and pop. As radical as they get yet still friendly enough for learning moves.

  • Fanatic Gecko. Secret to success.

    An easy learning freeride board for mastering the basic and a lot more beyond. Fun and exciting underfoot;

  • The Fanatic Sky SUP is the 100% dedicated foil SUP designed to maximise your fun – even in tiny waves – and to give you the longest rides of your life!

    Everything about the compact Sky SUP has been optimised to make it as easy as possible to catch waves. The compact dimensions, thick bevelled rails and channel bottom give stability and allow it to paddle straight and free; while the recessed deck and stance give great leverage and control over the foil.

    The performance has been improved with higher rocker, refined outline with narrower nose, and added a step tail to reduce drag when riding steeper waves and increase efficiency when pumping onto the foil. All sizes are also ideal for Wing Foiling.

  • The Sky Surf brings foiling to the wave face in its purest form! This new dedicated foil surfboard lets you catch waves earlier, glide on ocean swells and carve powerful turns on the smallest of waves.

  • The Fanatic Sky Wing is the new dedicated board for Wing Foiling.

  • Goya have created a new foil windsurfing board…this is a specific multi foot-strap position windsurf foiling board which has centre and side strap positions. It is super short, so the 105 and 120 litre boards are around the 200cm mark and the 155 at 220cm.

    We have one of these, here at the beach at 2XS, available to demo.

  • Keith Taboul, in Maui, has been pioneering foil surfing with the many of legends that use his equipment. The sport has been at the forefront of a lot of their development for the MFC foil range and KT’s line-up of surf, kite, wake, wing and windsurf foil boards.

    We have one of these, here at the beach at 2XS, available to demo.


  • The Dolphin Y25 is our latest surf and kite foil special shape. Perfect choice of size for surf and kite foiling

  • The new Evolution has the broadest range of use of the RRD freeride line. It suits all level of riders due to its comfortable ride, floating and planing capabilities.

  • The RRD Squid was designed with freeriding in mind. It is extremely maneuverable and provides the rider with constant feedback and control due to the light and stiff construction. The quad concave not only gives the board grip as a skim board, but it also provides more rigidity, thus improving the overall stiffness. These four channels, coupled with a moderate nose rocker, allow the board to drive forward and upward on touchdowns with the foil.

  • Floaty enough to uphaul but compact enough to fit in a station wagon, the Wizard 103 is the future of windsurf foil boards. If you’re beyond the learning curve and ready to feel just how free foiling lets you be, this nimble little nugget is your magic carpet. Once you’ve mastered the basics of windsurf foiling, a shorter, more agile board is the natural evolution. All you need is enough volume to uphaul and pump to a plane. From there, the shorter the board, the more nimble and free it feels on the water (not to mention the easier it is to store and transport). With a more compact platform and less swing weight, the Wizard 103 allows you to progress through tacking, jibing, tricks and jumping in ways you wouldn’t be able to with a larger, heavier board.


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