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  • The iRIG makes learning how to windsurf a piece of a cake, since it’s a whopping 70% lighter than any conventional windsurf rig and it is completely floating on the water. Everybody can have fun in low winds, instantly. Effortlessly enjoy the thrill of the greatest sport on earth without the usual pain of constantly falling into the water.

  • Whether you’re Windsurfing or Stand Up Paddle Boarding it really doesn’t matter, because the Viper Air WS is equally good at both and when you’re done the whole board stores into a backpack! The Viper Air WS is the ultimate watersports toy!

  • The Airwindsurf Evolution will make your learning process the easiest. New for this year we’ve thought of building the best entry level windsurf board. Once you step on it you’ll be stoked for his optimum glide, stability and all-round maneuverability.

  • The COMPACT SERIES is proving to be so popular RRD wanted to offer something with even higher performance. RRD took their test winning and legendary Evolution sail, and made it portable. Now in the large sizes you can have a 6 batten high performance blaster, that fits into a backpack, giving you a full quiver ready to hit the water at any time.

    The Compact Evolution sail is designed to be combined with the Compact Freeride rig pack.


  • Everything you need to rig the Compact Freeride sails. Featuring an 80% carbon mast, which gives a great blend of performance, weight and durability. Together with an alloy boom, alloy extension, an uphaul and of course the back pack, this pack fits up to 3 sails for your dream travel quiver (total est.weight Compact Freeride Rig Pack + 3 Sails 18,0 kg).

  • A portable rig pack designed exclusively for the Compact Grom sail. A special 280 mast design uses a reduced wall thickness, reducing the weight and also improving the flew characteristics fo the lighter rider. Due to the smaller size, we were able to use a standard boom construction, with only a small modification to the arms and  extension tube. This further reduced the weight. Finally we add the alloy extension, uphaul and of course the bag. Just add the sails of your choice and you are ready to hit the water. (Total est. weight Compact Grom Rig pack + 3 Sails 14kg).

  • Heavy Duty yet high performance is the name of the game for the Compact Wave HD rig pack. 80% carbon mast is the perfect blend of performance and durability, whilst our 26mm RDM alloy boom prioritises comfort and maximises stiffness. An HD alloy extension together with a backpack complete the package. The pack is designed to fit up to 3 sails for your perfect quiver (total est.weight Compact Wave HD Rig Pack + 3 Sails 17,5 kg).

  • This is the ultimate no compromise design for the PRO rider. We wanted the option for the absolutely top performance, for the rider that wants the unconditional best. 100% carbon mast, 100% carbon boom, 100% carbon extension and a PRO trolley pack pack with wheels to transport it all with ease. The pack is designed to fit up to 3 sails for your lightest dream travel quiver (total est.weight Compact Wave Pro Rig Pack with wheels + 3 Sails 17,5 kg).

  • The Compact X-Tra sail is designed to be combined with the Compact Freeride rig pack.


  • A complete rig designed to convert your SUP or AIRSUP into a windsurf board. Whether you want to take your first steps into the sport of windsurfing, or maybe you just want to make use of that light breeze, the SUPSAIL is the easy solution to increase your time and enjoyment on the water. The Supsail is available in a range of sizes to suit everyone, down to the smallest of children. Each rig pack has everything you need to get on the water. Sail, mast, boom, base, uphaul and UJ. Designed to be as small as possible for storage. The larger sizes feature a 3 pcs. mast and folding panels. This is the perfect sail to hit the water for the first time and enjoy what windsurfing has to offer.

Showing all 10 results

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