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Kitesurf Boards

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  • The Trickster is that fun shredding short kite board for onshore to small down the line waves. Fun for flat water edging and cruising and adding some fun freestyle when you feel like it.

    *We have a 5’2 Trickster at the beach in our hire fleet. Come and try it out for yourself.

  • The North Atmos Hybrid is all about Big Air/Freeride kiting. For those who like to charge upwind, boost into air and want a board that performs when the winds also little light, the Atmos Hybrid is the choice for you! (Plus, the graphics are INSANE!)

    We have 1 boards left on special offer  136 x 40 which come complete with the North Flex bindings…

    The board thrives in ALL conditions with precise edge control, a medium rocker and a single concave centre to quad channel tips whilst creating the perfect amount of pop to send big air moves. Our instructors would put this as there personal choice out of the range!


  • The North Focus Carbon is a high-performance freestyle board which also has great freeride abilities.

    Winner of the 2020 King of the Air, this board has a proven track record for delivering insane pop. With a quad concave bottom shape and dynamic flex you’re able to edge harder to really deliver more controlled takeoffs. The channels on the board allow it to easily glide through the chop and explode into any trick you’ve got in the locker.

    This board will have you sending it off all sorts of kickers! it’ll take your freestyle game to the next level!

    Best paired with the North Boots, the Flex bindings can also be used on this board

  • The Base v1 is the choice for entry level to intermediate riders looking for a fun, confidence inspiring twin tip board.

  • The Code V3 fits an impressive range of rider levels and styles, free ride, cruising, big air and unhooked freestyle.

  • The infinity v1 is a dedicated lightwind board that makes riding more exciting and progressive. It uniquely blends a classic twin-tip freeride feeling with impressive light wind performance.

  • The Ozone Torque V2 provides un-compromised performance for both freeriders and freestylers. This board is soooooooooo smooth and responsive! It delivers explosive performance with amazing grip and a smooth flex to stick your landings! With deep channels that run through the base of the board this is a great all rounder that can perform in all conditions!

    *This board comes with Footstraps*

  • Getting the most out of marginal conditions. That’s the purpose of our Ace 5’2”, a freeride, flatwater board, that is fast and planes early, designed to have a blast on small, mushy surf. Need a board for light wind and mostly flat water? This is it! The radical, retro style shape with wide outline and moderate volume allow this board to float you through the lulls or pump through a section to squeeze out an extra turn on that knee high monster!!

  • The Y25 version of this power house it’s a well rounded ”does it all” high-end performance board. Easy to ride and comfortable both in light or strong winds.

  • The Bliss LTE is a balanced combination of crisp personality and forgiving flex, which delivers a great freeride feel of stability and playfulness. The harder flex of the LTD version allow for freestyle experimentation while maintaining an outstanding up-wind ability due to the moderate bottom channels, thin rails and straight outline of the board.

  • The C.O.T.A.N. shape will allow you to feel exceptionally free and fast in everything you do, whether you are hitting medium size waves or having fun with freestyle tricks, the compact shape of the C.O.T.A.N. is perfect to lead you through your freestyle strapless progression. Since last year the tail shape it’s been redesigned with wingers and rounded fishtail ends, allowing more aggressive turns at high speeds, when riding waves, or when pushing to get the maximum pop.

  • With nearly a decade in the lineup, the Placebo continues to represent accessibility, consistency, and comfort.

  • The most sought after freestyle board in our range has been re-tuned to satisfy the enormous chunk of riders that are only aiming to do one thing: jump high!

    • Reduced Thickness
    • Unidirectional carbon stringers
    • Carbon reinforced ABS track channels for pads

Showing all 13 results

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