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  • Everything you need in fin stash, with the added performance and durability of the Cyclone Collection. The Dakine Cyclone Fin Stash is made of super-tough coated Cordura Ripstop, with easy carry handle, full-zip opening, and 4 separate fin pockets that hold up to 5 fins each. There’s also a dedicated wax pocket and a zippered mesh organizer pocket for screws or small tools.

  • With the ever increasing popularity with foiling the Dakine Foil Quiver bag takes care of all your hydrofoils in one 8mm foam padded bag.

  • This attachment point can be used to attach any leash to your Dakine harness.

  • Handy knife to have on you if you get into trouble out on the water kiting!

  • Dingo Stick

    Plastic repair stick

    • Designed to repair cracks, scuffs and holes on surfboards, fibre glass boats and other GRP mouldings
    • Works on damp surfaces and even underwater
    • Bonds permanently, rebuilds broken part.
  • Duotone Kite Pump (large)


    • contoured handles
    • foot rests
    • longer pump
    • DOUBLE pump design (pumps airs in on upward and downward stroke)
    • highly durable
    • HP pressure flow hose
    • includes nozzle pack making it compatible with all kites on the market (plus the Duotone Foilwing)
  • Duotone pump nozzle adaptor for Duotone kites with the ‘Airport’ valve

    • It can be connected onto ANY kite pump hose (including many of the newer style pumps which have the thicker tubes which don’t fit into the Airport valve as standard)
    • This nozzle is also fit the Duotone Foil Wing
  • Based on the Kite roller the Kite coffin has the same design brief but is aimed at further reducing overall weight by removing the roller wheel assembly.

    This bag can also be utilized as a quiver bag that has a broader range of appeal for every day situations. Simply leaving your coffin bag packed and ready for use in the back of your vehicle or strap the bag to your back via the carry straps and be on the move.

  • Designed for the frequent travelling kiter the TT roller will take 1 board, 2 kites and has several pockets for the extra accessories needed. Built for maximum protection and using 6mm padding covered by 600D polyester this bag packs tight with 2 torsion straps for a secure load all on travel wheels for mobility.

  • A single TT cover made using 600D polyester both top and bottom with sizes and widths designed for modern board styles. An overall thickness of 6mm will provide ample protection and lined with PE fabric to reduce moisture absorption.

  • The Ion Kite Leash short is perfect for any type of kite or rider who wants a short leash for wave-riding or likes to ride hooked into your chicken loop at all times.

    • 5.5mm urethane cord
  • Ion Kite Twintip CORE Boardbag

    The Ion Kite Twintip CORE Boardbag is the ideal protection for your kiteboard

    With 5mm foam padding/silver PE on outside of bottom to keep inside cool/protective webbing around edges.

    The CORE range of board bags do not come with a shoulder strap.

  • The RIPPER is ideal for up-and-coming riders looking for a supportive harness with all the top features – can be used for windsurfing and/or kitesurfing.

    The Ripper has an optional seat extension which provides comfort and prevents the harness from riding up.

  • The all new North Astra is a board designed for lightweight riders!

    Lighter weight riders often find it harder to control large, stiff boards designed for heavier riders. With this in mind North created a board which is great for young grom’s to send it and any other lighter rider. With a narrower stance and enhanced edge control the Astra will help push the boundaries for riders who may currently be struggling to find the perfect board.

    With sizes starting from 129 x 38 the all new Astra will provide a feeling like no other for those who fit this boards specs! And don’t forget to pair this board with the all new North Flex Bindings – What a combo!

  • The North Atmos Carbon, like the Hybrid version is all about Big Air/Freeride kiting. For those who like to charge upwind, boost into air and want that carbon performance in a board, this is a great choice!

    The board thrives in all conditions with precise edge control, a medium rocker and a single concave centre to quad channel tips. The board performs especially well in overpowered conditions. It “shoots upwind like a rocket” are words from the legendary Nick Jacobson.

    For those that want something a little more forgiving, this board is also available in a hybrid construction – The Atmos Hybrid and all North boards are best paired with the 2021 North Flex Bindings.

  • The North Atmos Hybrid is all about Big Air/Freeride kiting. For those who like to charge upwind, boost into air and want a board that performs when the winds also little light, the Atmos Hybrid is the choice for you! (Plus, the graphics are INSANE!)

    The board thrives in ALL conditions with precise edge control, a medium rocker and a single concave centre to quad channel tips whilst creating the perfect amount of pop to send big air moves. Our instructors would put this as there personal choice out of the range!

    For those that want something a little stiffer, this board is also available in a full carbon construction – The Atmos Carbon and all North boards are best paired with the 2021 North Flex Bindings.

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