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Surf / SUP Boards

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  • Our own range of bodyboards, perfect for south coast and trips to Devon and Cornwall.

    Hardslick bottom, crescent tail, small channel in the hull, stick and durable.

    Sizes to suit different ages and weights.   Complete with leash.

    33″ – small childs size

    36″ – child (approx 10 yrs)

    40″ – teenagers size

    42″  adult size or large teenager

  • Get your ‘little one’ ready for the beach this year!

    With one of our 2mm neoprene suits – ideal for wearing in and out of the water with a UV 50+ protection, flatlock seams and double lined throughout.


  • The AllWave is designed for intermediate wave SUPers looking for a stable and easy paddling board to catch wave after wave, whether it’s clean overhead walls, or small and choppy.

    A slightly straighter narrower outline overall, mixed with increased volume & thinner rails; allows the AllWave to sit deeper in the water, making it more stable at low speeds and also increasing acceleration and hold on the wave face. The final addition – a winger tail – boosted the turning ability, and makes the board feel much more agile, sporty, and smaller underfoot than it actually is.

  • The Fanatic Bee concept is it’s a board that you can SUP foil, surf foil , windsurf foil and wingfoil on!

    The idea behind this is that one board does all!  The perfect option to get into foiling without the need of super specialist gear.  It has a 3 fin box for sup and surfing;  it has the double track foil mount – on the board you have footstrap positions for wingfoiling and windsurfing and you have a mast track for windsurf foiling.

    We think this board is a great idea for those who want to get into foiling disciplines.

  • Designed for all levels of female SUPer looking for a ladies specific board that is easy to use and transport; and performs well in everything from flatwater to small waves.

  • The Fanatic Fly is the definitive all-round paddleboard; having the versatility to smoothly glide across flat water, effortlessly ride small to medium sized waves, and even the option to add a sail and windsurf in light winds.

    Designed to cater for all experience levels – whether you are a newbie or more experienced paddler – these classic SUP shapes will provide you with the maximum enjoyment from your time on the water, no matter where you paddle.

    At 2XS this is the board we teach on – great allround board, super stable.

  • The Fly Air is the all-round inflatable SUP that everyone can enjoy.  The Fly Air is Fanatic’s easy and stable all-rounder is the perfect solution if you are looking for a classic board that can perform in everything from flat water to small waves.

    We also sell this board as a complete package – board, paddle, leash, pump and bag – click here for further details. 

  • The Fanatic Fly Air is the ultimate toy that everyone can enjoy. Easy to carry, straightforward to setup, strong, stiff and durable, neatly packed and easy to inflate – great shape for  both flat water fun and small surf action.

    We also sell the Fanatic Fly Air Premium as a package – board, paddle, leash, pump and wheeled backpack – click here for further details

  • The Fanatic Fly Air Premium iSUP – we use this board at our hire centre on West Wittering beach – great performance and super strong!

    This package comes with the Fanatic Pure Paddle.  With its 15% Carbon / Composite shaft and solid 8” ABS blade.  An Ion leash;  Fanatic HP2 power pump and Premium bag completes the deal.

  • The Fanatic Fly Pure Air is Fanatic’s budget friendly all-round iSUP, designed with everyone in mind. Easy to transport, simple to setup, stable and versatile, it’s guaranteed SUP fun for all levels!

  • The Fly Eco is built with eco-friendly Flax, Cork & Wood Veneer (instead of classic glass and PVC sandwich) – and like all the Fanatic boards, uses plant based Bio Resin. It not only shows what is possible in terms of replacing oil-based materials with sustainable organic elements, it also rides great and looks stunning! Graphics are kept to a minimum.

    Available in two sizes, the Fly Eco is an all-round SUP board with a unique flex that creates a fun responsive feeling beneath your feet. It rides exceptionally, while having a construction that minimises impact on the environment.

  • Fanatic’s new Prowave, the high performance surf SUP board in the line up – this is the “go to” board for 2XS’ own Holly Bassett who is  riding the 7’5 here at West Wittering.

    The board feels superlight, and has a surfboard built in flex feel about it – it comes complete with a 5 fin box (futures style) – handle and has a glass core stringer, a bamboo reinforced deck, EPS core and a refined channel bottom.

    This board is really designed to rip on a wave;  and comes in 7’0, 7’5, 7’10, 8’3 and 8’8 sizes.

  • The new 2023 Sky SUP is a compact SUP foil board perfect for shredding any size of waves on a foil for paddlers or surfers at any kind of level and can be used for Wing Foiling too.

  • If you’re into the classic style of Longboard surfing, then this beauty will win you over with the first wave you catch. Easy to paddle, its endless flow and insane glide will let you get creative with your ride.

  • We have been working with John JP custom over the last 4 years on different custom versions from his shaping base in Wales. Neal Gent, Matt Argyle, Jim Richardson, Ollie Shilston, Emile Kott, Rossco Moore and myself all ride JPs. These custom boards have something different over most production boards. What we like is the surfboard feel, surfboard flex, thin surfboard style rails and shapes that are up to date. If you balance this with the extra benefit of weight 7kg (8.0) and you can adjust volume and size to fit your weight .
    • 7’10 x 27.5 x 3 8/9″ (volume 89l)
    • 8’0 x 28.5 x 4″ (volume 98l)
    • 8’5 x 29 x 4 1/4″ (volume 112l)
    • 8’10 x 29 x 4 7/8 (volume 130l)
    All boards come with tail pad, 5 x FCS 2 fin boxes, Fin set, and FCS Handle included.

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