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  • Very comfortable neoprene gloves.

  • These super warm 3/2 gloves are great for anyone who ventures out on the water in the depths of winter.  Keeps those fingers toasty!

    For anyone who prefers a glove to a mitt to use in the winter – the Ion Claw Glove 3/2 is ideal.

    Precurved, anti-slip grip, velcro closure around the wrist and a nose wiper to catch those drips!


  • In the ION point of view the smallest items in the product range deserve the same dedication and precision as every complex item. Therefore the Neo Accessories are a small but essential part of the whole equipment and sometimes these small items decide whether you have a great day on the water or you go home in deep frustration.

    Extend your session with our selection of Neo Accessories – protecting you and keeping you warm.

  • The Ion Open Palm mittens are the ideal thing to keep your hands warm this winter!

    • They have a pre-shaped pattern which provides cover to the back of your against windchill even when your fingers are not inside the mittens.
    • The palm opening has lycra binding for easy in and out of fingers and maximum grip to the boom/bar.
    • Velcro closure around the wrist.

Showing all 5 results

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