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  • The Fanatic Bee concept is it’s a board that you can SUP foil, surf foil , windsurf foil and wingfoil on!

    The idea behind this is that one board does all!  The perfect option to get into foiling without the need of super specialist gear.  It has a 3 fin box for sup and surfing;  it has the double track foil mount – on the board you have footstrap positions for wingfoiling and windsurfing and you have a mast track for windsurf foiling.

    We think this board is a great idea for those who want to get into foiling disciplines.

  • The Fanatic Sky Air – the travel friendly version of the popular Fanatic Sky Wing models –no compromise on comfort and riding, in a compact package!



  • The new 2023 Sky SUP is a compact SUP foil board perfect for shredding any size of waves on a foil for paddlers or surfers at any kind of level and can be used for Wing Foiling too.

  • The Fanatic  Sky Free TE is the evolution of Fanatic’s popular Sky Wing range – the bestselling wing boards on the market! With early planing rocker lines, sharp release edges and without unnecessary shape gimmicks – these boards embody pure function with a flowing outline allowing tight turns without catching the rail, yet having the width and glide to get you started and flying with ease. The deck recess and high-volume nose offer extra stability which allowed shaper Sky Solbach to shorten the length in the respective volumes vs. the 2022 Sky Wing models without sacrificing the ease of use these boards are famous for, resulting in a board that offers an even more compact and direct foiling sensation.

    We have some of these boards on demo at our Test Centre at West Wittering Beach.

  • The Sky Style, available in four sizes from 55l to 85l, has been designed to maximize stability when starting and landing tricks, as well as improving turns, reactivity and take-offs for jumps.

    The higher rocker line of the Sky Style greatly improves turning response through increased leverage over the pitch of your foil, resulting in faster and more direct reactivity. The more “nose-up” riding style is ideal for starts and landings and improves the flying and turning behaviour of your foil when drawing lines in the surf.

    The deep deck recess with a high-volume nose section offers incredible stability for landings and creates a stable and balanced platform for sinking starts for riders using the Sky Style in a volume that doesn’t fully float their body weight. The higher nose recovers remarkably well from steep landings and makes it much easier to load up for jumps by providing more distance between the nose and the water to prevent catching.

    We have some of these boards on demo at our Test Centre at West Wittering Beach.

  • Fanatic X new Skywing foilboard has an adjusted new nose line, it is a flatter hull shape, a little bit less tail rocker, lighter and the volume and footstrap positions have been tuned so when you are stood stationery on the foil the board is perfectly balanced.

    The Fanatic X Skywing is designed to pump onto the plane directly from the footstrap position.

    The Fanatic X Skywing has a new colour scheme – a new airvent system and comes complete with 3 Fanatic footstraps.

    We have some of the new 2022 models available for test at our Centre on West Wittering beach.


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