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  • Bubble – Freestyle

    The Freestyle fin developed with Andy ‘Bubble’ Chambers. Originally there were two different prototypes; one worked great on flat water but would let go in the chop, the other was rock solid in the chop but too grippy on flatwater. The BUBBLE freestyle fin has the perfect blend of grip to be secure in the chop and into carving manuevres, whilst still allowing plenty of release for double spins. A fin you can take anywhere which won’t let you down. Grip in the toughest conditions.

    • Price is per single fin


  • Ezzy – Asymmetric Front

    The Ezzy Asymmetric fin! More power, more drive, more speed, less drag.

    The Ezzy front fin has a similer template to the Stubby but with a wider chord. A fully asymmetric foil with a radiused front and slightly positive inner foil to aid flow at high speeds. Choose a smaller fin size for less drag, same power. Great for huge gouging hooky cut backs!

    Choose the degree depending on your boards box angles.

    *Price is for a pair of fins


  • Flex – Down The Line

    The original fin for performance wave riding and the first choice for pro team riders whether twin, quad or thruster. Great flex for amazing grip and looseness on the wave. Raked template for control. A progressive foil for different flows between tip and base.  Will loosen up a ‘stiff’ board and are particularly sweet as twin fins as they eliminate that unwanted top turn spin out.

    • Price is per pair of fins


  • Leon – All around quad fin

    Leon Jamaer’s signature fin. Super fast and loose.
    Upright template gives better ‘pivot’ for in the pocket riding, small tip for speed, wide base for drive. Works well for all fin configurations and in all conditions. Available in two constructions; Dynamic Flex for the classic K4 loose and grippy feel, or Super Stiff for that G10 direct and responsive style.

    • Price for a pair of fins


  • The choice for 3 of the top PWA finishers!

    Developed largely with the help of Adam Lewis who was looking for a fast fin but which still gave him heaps of grip for powerful turns. The Scorcher is your ‘go to’ fin for most conditions and boards -instant drive, excellent top speed and the grip to smash a powerful hook.

    *Price is per pair of fins


  • Stubby – Fronts/Trailers

    Our larger area line of front fins for riding. These are best used for tri set ups but also work well as quad fronts or trailer rear. Moulded in ‘Dynamic Flex’ for grip and looseness.

    • Price is for pair.


  • Stubby – Rears

    Our stiffer and larger tip area line of fins for riding. Great for heavier riders applying greater power in high wind and wanting more drive in low wind. Also suitable for lighter riders in onshore conditions or for those wanting more ‘release’ for Takas and other wave/freestyle moves. Upright template gives better ‘pivot’ for in the pocket riding. Works well for all fin configurations.

    • Price is per single fin


Showing all 7 results

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