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  • The all new North Astra is a board designed for lightweight riders!

    Lighter weight riders often find it harder to control large, stiff boards designed for heavier riders. With this in mind North created a board which is great for young grom’s to send it and any other lighter rider. With a narrower stance and enhanced edge control the Astra will help push the boundaries for riders who may currently be struggling to find the perfect board.

    With sizes starting from 129 x 38 the all new Astra will provide a feeling like no other for those who fit this boards specs! And don’t forget to pair this board with the all new North Flex Bindings – What a combo!

  • The North Atmos Carbon, like the Hybrid version is all about Big Air/Freeride kiting. For those who like to charge upwind, boost into air and want that carbon performance in a board, this is a great choice!

    The board thrives in all conditions with precise edge control, a medium rocker and a single concave centre to quad channel tips. The board performs especially well in overpowered conditions. It “shoots upwind like a rocket” are words from the legendary Nick Jacobson.

    For those that want something a little more forgiving, this board is also available in a hybrid construction – The Atmos Hybrid and all North boards are best paired with the 2021 North Flex Bindings.

  • The North Atmos Hybrid is all about Big Air/Freeride kiting. For those who like to charge upwind, boost into air and want a board that performs when the winds also little light, the Atmos Hybrid is the choice for you! (Plus, the graphics are INSANE!)

    The board thrives in ALL conditions with precise edge control, a medium rocker and a single concave centre to quad channel tips whilst creating the perfect amount of pop to send big air moves. Our instructors would put this as there personal choice out of the range!

    For those that want something a little stiffer, this board is also available in a full carbon construction – The Atmos Carbon and all North boards are best paired with the 2021 North Flex Bindings.

  • The 2021 North Carve is North’s designated Surf/Strapless Freestyle kite. So for those who enjoy smacking the lips and charging down the line this kite will have you frothing to get out on the water! But don’t worry, you can whip out the twintip and blast around as this kite features incredible freeriding capabilities. With epic drift, pivot steering and a hunger to follow the surf this kite will thrive in big waves, small waves and quite frankly anything in-between! The 2021 model see’s North make big improvements on 2020…so go ahead and see for yourself!

  • The North Charge is North’s Down the Line performance surfboard.

    With a new performance surfboard outline, a deep single to slight-double concave bottom and a low entry surf rocker, holding a line or exploding off the lips has never been easier! A fast, dedicated surf shape with smooth turning and loads of projection, The Charge allows powerful vertical attack in down the line waves.

    Commit to the wave and have the confidence to charge!



  • The North Comp is North’s Strapless Freestyle Surfboard.

    2021 see’s a new narrower outline allowing great speed and edge control in a range of conditions. New tail grip enables response and cushioned landings with less bounce on touch. The new increased rocker line is smoothed into a clean curve nose to tail, helping the board to stick to your feet during strapless tricks.

    For those riders who want something a little more playful and are not mainly focused on charging down the line, but want something with a little more freestyle edge over the North Cross, then this would be a fantastic choice for you!


  • The North Cross is the perfect ‘all round’ Surfboard. If you’re looking for a board that can do it all and perform at the highest level, the Cross is the go to board.

    Sitting in-between North’s other surfboard line, the new quad bottom shape absorbs chop extremely well and the new reduced nose and tail width adds control at the top end, and creates a better wave-fit for easier, sharper turns. A smooth carving, super comfortable all-round freerider that blends the line effortlessly between surf and strapless freestyle this board will allow your time on the water to feel like a playground! It just does it all!




    The 2021 North Fix Wake Boots are the key to widening your boot style riding. Extremely lightweight these boots will provide maximum comfort, support and performance. With a stylish look to them also Jesse Richman had this to say about them…”Support as well as the flexibility to tweak it out, letting me reach the board in awkward positions.”

    There you have it, you must have choice for boot riding!

  • The 2020 North Flare is North’s designated Wakestyle/Park Board.

    With a rock solid grind base this board thrives in the park when hitting rails whilst also performing super well on the flats. The board has a high wakestyle rocker allowing you to not catch an edge and land gently after whatever trick you throw down.

    For those who base there riding on freestyle and want a board which is not only rock solid, but also performs like no other in this category then the Flare is for you!


    The 2021 North Flex Bindings provide amazing connection, comfort and performance when you’re out on the water. With a stealthy look you and your board will feel at one!

    Our school boards will all have these bindings attached, so come and check them out and see what crazy features these straps have below!


  • The North Focus is a high-performance freestyle board which also has great freeride abilities.

    Winner of the 2020 King of the Air, this board has a proven track record for delivering insane pop. With a quad concave bottom shape and dynamic flex you’re able to edge harder to really deliver more controlled takeoffs. The channels on the board allow it to easily glide through the chop and explode into any trick you’ve got in the locker.

    This board will have you sending it off all sorts of kickers, lips and even those flat low tide conditions! You’ll for sure be coming off the water feeling like Jesse Richman after having this weapon under your feet.

    Best paired with the North Boots, the Flex bindings can also be used on this board

  • Rapid Inflation with the North Kite Pump!

    How desperately do you want to get on the water? Well if your like us you’ll need the quickest source to do so. The North Kite Pump will get you on the water faster then you can blink!

    With a single/double action switch you can pump up to the exact PSI needed quickly, efficiently and with no screw ups!

  • The 2021 North Navigator Bar is a personal favourite for us and our team. It’s clean and sturdy design features 100% Dyneema SK99 flying lines and 3 possible bar lengths to choose from! So no one should feel like they’re riding the wrong size! With a super easy-to-use trim system with the added feature of the click-in loop, safety has never been more reassuring when it comes to being attached to your kite! With the option of also being able to easily change your type of chicken loop, switching between riding styles in the same session couldn’t be easier!

    A fantastic bar which complements North’s range of kites. This should be YOUR bar of choice! Come see it for yourself down at 2XS!

  • The North Orbit 2021 is your go to Big Air and Freeride Kite. You will literally send it straight to orbit with this 5-strut monster! Those WOO scores will for sure be reaching heights you haven’t met before!

    Committing to overpowered airs and megaloops in gusty conditions demands an unwavering trust in your kite. North’s iconic kite delivers incredible top-end control and allows you to hold down more power than any other kite per square metre. For those that don’t want to boost to the moon then don’t worry!, Big jumps and big hang time isn’t all its great for! The Orbit has a massive wind range and was designed to rocket you upwind fast, with effortless steering therefore making it a fantastic kite for freeriding! It’s a real thing of beauty!

  • The all new 2021 North Prime is a freeride machine! With a progressive single concave which pulls in at the flexible tips this helps provides early planning and cuts through the shop like butter making your ride smooth, fast and extremely user friendly.

    Charging upwind has never been easier so no one has to worry about the dreaded ‘Walk of Shame’ back up the beach!

    For those riders who want a board that is easy to use, has great freeride capabilities and will help massively develop you as a kiter, then the Prime is a great option.

    This board will be our 2XS School Board for the 2021 season, so come down, check this blue baby out and take it for spin!

  • The explosive pop, powerful turns and fast, responsive steering of our premier bridled hybrid-C kite will set your heart pumping. The Pulse comes alive in unhooked Freestyle, and makes landing even the most technical tricks instinctive.

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