2024 Duotone Slick Review

We are massive fans of the Duotone Slick and were very excited to see and use the new 2024 version.

At 2XS we have used every version of the Slick since its creation back in 2020 – it’s the original boom type wing – lots of brands have launched their own versions of the boom fitting but most of these are rather like an oversized handle and fits very differently to the leading edge strut and centre strut.

The new Duotone Slick 2024 edition is available in 3 constructions – the standard with  MOD3 canopy model, the DLAB version and a new Concept Blue model – we got our hands on the new standard construction model to test.   The wing comes with a decent sized backpack where you can attach your pump and boom – plus the bag is vented with a mesh section to help dry your wing out after a session, whilst packed away.

As soon as the wing comes out the bag – it feels light and crisp. The new MOD3 canopy material feels good and fully pumped it feels solid with tension in canopy.   I used the skinny Platinum carbon boom while testing it out and this with the Velcro tensioning straps on the leading edge adds more support to the wing.

I used the Slick 2024 in different conditions on the day we had the pictures taken the wind conditions were super gusty and changing in direction – the wing has a feel of real stability, no jerky feeling when you get hit by a gust and not much wing tip movement through the gusts.   Upwind performance was excellent and controlling the wing through transitions was effortless.

The Slick 2024 is slightly less full than the Unit but pumps quickly onto the plane with plenty of leverage generated from the wing tip. The compact outline shape gives you plenty of water clearance. There is plenty of glide with the Slick 2024 – when you flag the wing you can use either the handle or you can grab the boom which offers plenty of control.

The Slick 2024 is a perfect choice for flat water, chop, and waves it does it all without any compromise!   The Duotone miniboom adds the extra dimension – free movement for hand positioning, perfect balance when you add a harness line, and you can grab the boom and twist your wrist to get more leverage on the wing

For 2024 there is a more rounded outline in the wing tips (compared to a squarer cut in the 2023 Duotone Slick) – a new panel layout modified window position – the wing still has 2 dump valves and apparently more recycled parts.

Sizes of the Duotone Slick 2024 -3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 and 6.5 in two colourways – turquoise/coral and lime/dark grey

The new DLAB version will be available in the next few weeks – I have ordered one of these for myself – the wings are the same shape but the DLAB (Allula) material is lighter, stiffer and doesn’t absorb water.  The performance difference is a bigger wind range per wing size in both lighter and stronger winds – and yes, it’s worth the upgrade!   Sizes of the DLAB Slick 2024 are – 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 and 6.5 in one colourway – gold/white.

Duotone have also launched a Concept Blue model of theSlick 2024 which is a recycled material version of the Slick 2024 – all in white in the same sizes as the standard Slick 2024.

You will notice on the Duotone Slick 2024 the logo has been cut into the canopy and stitched in and there is less printing on the wing.  This is to be more environmental due to the pollution of cleaning screens when you are screen printing.

We will have the Duotone Slick 2024 from 4m to 6m at the 2XS School for demo, hire and on the 2XS Club hire package scheme.

Check out the new Slick 2024 range on the 2xs website:

Duotone Slick 2024      Duotone DLAB Slick 2024             Duotone Concept Blue Slick 2024

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