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Axis High Performance (HPS) Carbon Front Wing

Axis High Performance (HPS) Carbon Front Wing

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The High Performance Speed (HPS) wings are FAST. Designed for the ultimate in performance, but yet still usable by most levels of riders.

Included is an AXIS padded cover with zipper, in heather gray, and AXIS branding, for safer setup, transportation and storage.

*If you purchase a Black Series front wing it will only fit on a Black Series fuselage as the bolt pattern is spaced differently and the fuselage is thinner to accommodate the high aspect wings.

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High-performance foiling accessible to everyone.

This breakthrough high aspect foil was the result of a long and intensive design and prototyping process that included the development of our new ‘black’ fuselage to incorporate the reduced thickness and chord of the HPS foil section.

The camber of the HPS, a key variable in the lift versus drag trade-off, is also the lowest in the AXIS range.

But while this foil is unashamedly designed for speed and glide, the real achievement is how easy it is to use for almost all levels of rider. Where other brands’ high aspect foils are usually an unstable ‘expert only’ ride, we’ve seen people jump on HPS and rip after a just a few sessions mastering basics on higher lift foils.

This is thanks to the beautifully balanced plan-shape and carefully considered down-turn and twist, that keeps this foil turning freely and handling predictably in all conditions.

AXIS HPS has quickly become our most popular foil for winging for all levels riders once they have the basics down. A true industry benchmark. It’s also making its mark in Downwind, Prone and SUP foiling for faster or more powerful waves. Its high-speed suitability also makes it a natural choice for windsurf and kite foiling.

Available in the following sizes:

  • Black Series 1050 x 170mm
  • Black Series 980 x 160mm
  • Black Series 930 x 155mm
  • Black Series 830 x 150mm
  • Black Series 700 x 160mm
  • Black Series 650 x 140mm

*If you purchase a Black Series front wing it will only fit on a Black Series fuselage as the bolt pattern is spaced differently and the fuselage is thinner to accommodate the high aspect wings.

The reason AXIS have so many options is that you can really tune your performance with the correct front wing fuselage and tail wing. Send a email or call and ask Simon our Axis guru to find out more

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Black Series 1050mm, Black Series 980mm, Black Series 930mm, Black Series 880mm, Black Series 830mm, Black Series 700mm, Black Series 650mm

2 reviews

  1. Dafydd

    So my third review today. Head on over to my reviews on the Wasp and Axis froth boards too if you’re interested.

    I’m finishing off with my review of the HPS 1050mm foil from Axis. As I mentioned in my other reviews this is my first year of wing foiling. Back in April I sought 2XS’s Simon’s opinion on what board and foil to get started. Generally I am always cautious about going too low volume in boards or too high performance in foils. I am 90 kg and prefer to spend my time enjoying my kit rather than fighting it. I have done some kite foiling before so Simon recommended the Axis HPS 1050mm foil. Like a true geek I went home and figured out the features of the majority of the Axis range to figure out where that foil fitted in. With a span of 1050mm and an area of around 1500 square centimetres it seemed like a sensible choice that might work over a range of conditions for my 90kg. I wasn’t disappointed, it has worked a charm this season!

    I know a lot of riders like to change foils for the conditions etc. But if like me you like to keep it simple I think its hard to go wrong with this kind of setup. So much fun. I guess if you wanted to foil in really light winds you might consider something else as well. However, for me and my ability I need a little breeze so this works perfectly!

  2. Harry

    Having just tried the HPS 880, I felt the need to write a review. Alongside the ultrashort advanced fuse and 350 progressive rear it felt amazing. So loose in the carve yet also so rapid. I’ve only ridden in the harbour so far but can’t wait to take it into the waves. I’m 81kg and been winging for 18 months. This foil is a step down from the PNG 1010, which I learned on, and feel it will become my go to in anything from 15 knots plus. My only regret is that I didn’t purchase sooner. Thanks again Simon for all your help!

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