July Sessions

The end of June and beginning of July have been great for windsurfing, kiting, and winging down here at 2XS West Wittering beach. It's been super busy on the beach; I only took 10 minutes of photos at high tide—no kiters were out at the time—and a GoPro session. I didn’t even get any pics [...]

West Wittering Sessions Sept 2023

We have had so many sessions in September its hard to remember them all!  The Trench has been absolutely firing with amazing flatwater and good depths for foiling - we also have a new lagoon thats formed directly infront of the 2XS Club which works for just under an hour in neap tides before and [...]

The Kitesurfing Session At West Wittering

Kitesurfing at 2XS West Wittering was one of those perfect weekends in July with warm water, flat sections at low and mid tide, and waves at high tide – pretty much all you need. The sandbars have created new lagoons directly in front of the 2XS club. From low to mid tide and mid to [...]

Epic Windsurfing at West Wittering

July has brought us plenty of wind, but 2023 has been short on South Westerly winds. However, the weekend of July 20th was an epic time for windsurfing at 2XS West Wittering. The trench is a natural sandbar that shifts each season, but currently, it works perfectly with South Westerly and West South West wind [...]

Classic Wittering Session

Sometimes it all just falls into place; perfect, tide, sun, wind speed/direction, swell and action. And last Thursday (17th November) was the day. Mark Perry gave me a call and said it was happening down in the Witterings and he would be there around 8.30 am. I was hoping to windsurf myself but my back [...]

Summer in the Trench

The Trench at West Wittering  has been on top form this year - the sand bars have created perhaps the perfect flat water spot at low, neap tides for windsurfing and deep enough for  wing foiling. When the wind arrives you get the magic combination of flat water and clear winds.  Just take a look [...]

The Trench. It’s back on!

The West Wittering low tide Trench is back - the Trench which sits between sandbars at East Head is working again and deeper than ever!   We have been using the Trench over the  last few months and it seems to getting better!   The winter storms carved this flat water beauty over the winter and it's [...]

Classic North Westerly @ West Wittering 2021

Classic northwesterly West Wittering days have been a pretty rare occurance over the last year and a half - but in October we had a classic midweeker and a few guys managed to make the most of some epic conditions.  Ian Whittaker, John Hamer kiting, Jamie & Josh Barrett, Jack Pettit and Arthur were all [...]

Summer Sessions @ 2XS

The wind over the last 6 weeks, has not really been happening, we did get a reminder in early August as to what it is like - here are a selection of pictures of kiters and windsurfers enjoying the action at West Wittering.