Post a 2XS, West Wittering Session

We’ve been reliving some of our favourite sessions at 2XS, West Wittering, perhaps you should try it too... Tag us in your photos of your favourite session on Instagram ( and Facebook (2XS - West Wittering). We hope it won’t be long until you feel that salt water, the wind blowing and surf rolling...and having [...]

WAVES // Big Monday

North Westerly at West Wittering are always pretty good and this Monday (the 9th of December) proved to the biggest one of the Year so far! For a Monday it was pretty busy and when I got the beach Justin Goodwin, Emile Kott, Paul Metcalfe and Mark Perry were already out the back behind the [...]

65 Knts + @ West Wittering Beach

The wind kicked up on Saturday 2nd November and a few 2XS riders went out first thing to ride the raging beast. The weather stations recorded gusts of 65kts, and at the beach we could see huge waves out the back.  In the morning Jonny, Barry Foley and Matt Beake were all out. And later [...]

Beach Action Photos // September

Well the autumnal windy weather patterns have definately been on overload this month - we have had session after session often 5 days a week at the moment! This particular weekend was another great kite and windsurf session at 2XS, West Wittering and the Club guys were benefitting from some pretty solid conditions.  I suppose [...]

Weather News // Twister at the beach

An exciting weather occurrence happened at the weekend.... we witnessed a water spout forming up under a dark cloud at West Wittering Beach...  The National Geographic website has an interesting feature on water spouts here >> Here are some photos of the water spout forming at our beach.

August Windy Session @ West Wittering Beach

In August we rarely see super windy days, but last Saturday delivered a 50kt+ session. It was 3.4m windsurf weather, and 5m kitesurf weather and we saw some pretty epic action on the water. Sunday was also pretty decent with 25kts all day. It feels good to be on the water and enjoying such great [...]

Rippers // June 2019

The 2XS Rippers programme at West Wittering beach has been going now for more than 16 years – our mission is to get young people into Watersports and take up a sport for life! We teach structured lessons in windsurfing, SUP and surfing in shallow lagoons (windsurfing and SUP) and at high tide for surfing. [...]