A change in weather

These certainly aren’t the most typical weather conditions that we usually experience in June. However, being typical Brits, we make the most of all the conditions and still pursue our love of watersports despite the rain…

The rain started on Sunday night… and didn’t stop until late Tuesday night. West Sussex was issued with a severe flooding warning and only essential travel was advised. Simon took heed of this warning and took to his paddleboard to get around the 2XS office and car park.

Do send us any photos you might have of field surfing or paddle boarding/kayaking in urban locations.

With all the rain, last weeks windy weather seems like a long time ago. With gusts of well over 50kts, there was a lot of action to seen on the water.
Stu Holland took his new GoPro camera out on a surfboard mount and shot some great photos and interesting angles.

 Neal Gent was photographed windsurfing at Joliffe Road riding the storm force winds, amongst many other brave faces battling the winds

There is more unsettled weather forecast for the rest of the week and hopefully we will see you all at WWWC for another windy weekend.

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