BSUPA National Champianships at Watergate Bay 2011

Holly, myself, Jane, Daisy and Matt Argyle piled in the van and and drove down to BSUPA National championships at Watergate bay at last weekend.

Neil was already down there with Scott, and the forecast looked pretty amazing for the weekend – sunshine, light offshore winds, and a 2 to 4 foot forecast.

50 competitors were divided up into heats of 4 or 5 and each had 15 minutes to cut some shapes on the wave face. A panel of 3 judges would then score each wave ridden with a max of 2 best waves to get maximum points.

All the top seeds were put across the the first round heats and the double reportage format meant the losers in each heat would get another chance.

I managed to get third place in my first heat against the junior champ Aaran Knowles and Adam Zervas ­but got 4th place in my second round – so that was it for me. I quickly realized how different you have to ride and how much you have to up your game when your in a comp.

Holly was in two rounds of the ladies and was the first placed Junior girls under 16.

Neal lost his first round and battled back through nearly two hours of heats and rode really hard to get 4th place overall in a close run final.

Matt got knocked out in the semis but clawed back a great result in Expression session on Sunday with 4th place. (We all used Nah-Skwell surf series 8’8/9’3 and Kialoa Methane paddles – we also had the new 8.10 Fanatic Pro wave for weekend to test.)

I have to say we all had great weekend riding some very decent waves ­and the atmosphere down at Watergate Bay was awesome. Holly manned up lots and got into some decent waves and we will definitely be back there for 2012.

2011 BSUPA Mens National Wave Champion Results
1st Gareth Grant
2nd Adam Zervas
3rd Scott Gardener
4th Neal Gent

2011 BSUPA Womens National Wave Champion results
1st Maria Buchanan
2nd Abby Ekingood
3rd Mi Richardson
4th Laura Williams

2011 BSUPA Under 16 Boys National Wave Champion results
1st Aaran Rowe
2nd Robert Williams
3rd Max Wilson
4th Louie Harrow

2011 BSUPA Under 16 Girls National Wave Champion results
1st Holly Bassett

2011 BSUPA Mens National Distance results 12’6″ Class Champion results
1st Mark Slater
2nd John Hibard
3rd Jim Richardson
4th Gareth Grant

2011 BSUPA Mens National Distance 14ft Class Champion results
1st Ryan James
2nd John Harvey
3rd Dan Harlott
4th Tim Rowe

2011 BSUPA Womens National Distance 12’6″ Class Champion results
1st Maria Baucannan

Westcountry Watersports Wave Expression results
1st Jim Richardson
2nd Finn mullan
3rd Gareth Grant
4th Matt Argyle

2011 Watergate Bay Waterman results
Gareth Grant

Extreme Academy 2011 BSUPA National Championships,Watergate Bay, Cornwall from BSUPA on Vimeo.

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