Cabrinha 2012 Kites and Kiteboards

Here is a sneak preview of all of the 2012 Cabrinha kite and kiteboard gear. New boards, new kites and new kite bars.

Cabrinha have a very nice looking set of new graphics for 2012 and a couple of new models called the Vector and Drifter. The Vector is a surf and freeride kite and the Drifter is a pure surf orientated kite. Both of the kites are 3-strut designs.

The Nomad, Crossbow and Switchblade have all been retuned this year. All are lighter in feel for 2012 with improved tuning and balance.

They have improved the 2012 Quick Link kitebar too.

They have a new surfboard construction with a cork laminate as opposed to wood:

As you can see, it’s pretty strong!

There is a new Freeride board called the Transport – an uber-light-wind twin fin board, based on a detuned raceboard.

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