Demo Frenzy this week @ West Wittering

Laylo Goya will be coming to West Wittering today, Monday 10 September with the 2013 Goya boards ,Goya 2013 sails and Quattro boards we have wind so if you fancy coming down for a test drive please let us know –we will also have the latest Goya range of of quads, thrusters and freestyle models plus the new Banzaii.   If want to organise a demo please call Simon 0774 775 8883 – we are expecting him midday at the beach .

On Weds this week- Dave White will be turning up with the new 2013 RRD cult range plus RRD sails – we have here the new Ezzy Elite’s again if you fancy a test drive please call me 0774 775 8883

Chris and I will be on the beach so see you there –we will also be having a Dan Sweeny RRD kite demo and Chris Martin from Cabrinha and Nik Baker from North Fanatic. ..

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