Downwind Foiling

Downwinding and downwind foilboards is the new foiling category worldwide – if you check out social media since the last couple of Molokai Crossing events in Hawaii – downwind SUP foiling has exploded across the globe.  The likes of Kai Lenny, James Casey and Dave Kalama are all at it.

The new downwind boards have a more streamlined shape, narrower widths and longer rail lines, with either a flat hull or convex hull which is designed to pick up on the plane super early – I have  tried a couple of different volumes for winging 135, 120 and under 100 litres and found you can get going in as little as 6mph, it seems insane but this is definitely the way forward for lightwind winging!

You can use your existing foil set up – ideally a 1500, 1300 or under front foil wing works well, and getting the foot positioning and foil position is pretty important.

We found winging on the downwinders is once you start pumping it up onto the plane it seems to come up slow and low and then suddenly you are foiling!

You will also notice that you can generally use a smaller wing  (hand wing) – Mark Perry was using the KT Dragonfly 8’4 (135 ltrs) with a 4m Duotone Unit ( and 1200sq hydrofoil )  when others were barely planing with 6.0 or 6.5 wings.

So what is the big deal – these downwinders are amazing for light and gusty conditions wingfoiling we are totally convinced at 2XS!

As far as SUP &  prone surf foiling this is a harder road to foiling, and will take more time to master -but what is pretty clear, when compared to a conventional surfboard or SUP foilboard the down winders will catch waves quicker, with more ease and seems as manouverable in smaller waves and swell.

We have at 2XS the KT Dragonfly on test in a 8’4 size so you can give us a call 01243 512552 or and speak to Simon . At 2XS we are selling KT Dragonfly and DUOTONE Sky SUP foilboard and the DUOTONE Downwinder SLS and we can get the Axis Hybrid Downwind SUP too.

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