Duotone X Slick Launch

The Duotone X Slick has arrived and we have sold out of our first shipment – the new Slick wingfoil is a new compact shape, more boxy and a squared out wing tip – the foil is flatter but has a flappy piece of material on the front of the centre strut/boom.   The new boom is lighter – and there is a carbon option.   The centre strut is a combination of an inflatable with the boom attachment and it has a floaty back end to prevent the boom from sinking .

It seems the  Duotone X Echo and Unit have joined in the middle! One thing we did notice is the  leading edge and centre strut is stiffer so the frame of the wing holds it’s shape as long as you inflate it to the correct PSI.  As far as the performance goes it feels closer to windsurfing than ever before, the boom makes it feel very sail like – good upwind performance – light downwind and loads of grunt when you need to pump to get on the foil .

The Duotone X Slick is also available in half sizes – 7.0, 6.5, 6.0, 5.5, 5.0, 4.5, 4.0 and 3.5 all with one size boom in silver (alloy) and Platinum (carbon) both are light but the carbon is xxx grams lighter . If you are confused in sizing it all depends on your weight, boards and foil size and what condition wind range you want to ride in – we can help with that!

Nik Baker – windsurfing legend and wing master – Fanatic Duotone X UK Agent – explains the new Duotone X Slick.   2XS are pleased to announce we are one of few DUOTONE  Xand Fanatic X Pro Wing/Foil Test centres in the UK.

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