First look: 2013 Gear in Maui, Hawaii

This year I didn’t manage the pilgrimage to Maui,but our friends the Mckirgans did and Alex shot a few photos at Ho’okipa-Maui.

These shots showcase the conditions and new toys coming up for 2013.

It looks like from the pictures that 4 battens sails are the main development and Ezzy seems to testing a number a prototypes. (You can see Kevin Pritchard and Graham Ezzy testing a EZZY 2013 4 batten prototype). Naish and Goya allso seem to be doing more work on their 4 batten sails.

On the board front they seem to adding more fins and JP appear to have some 5 fin box options on their wave boards. The quads seem to be getting faster and with improved fins and refined rocker lines.
There is also a trend with fast thrusters coming out with both Quattro and Fanatic having boards in this style.

We will find out new 2013 RRD boards when they have their launch next week in Cyprus…

Nik Baker recently told me about a new Fanatic thruster which he really rated as replacement to the Fanatic single fin board.

There are also rumors are also about that Goya will launch a new light weight blank in their 2013 models – Marcillo Brown, can be seen with a 2013 Goya Pro Wave with some subtle changes more vee new nose shape and narrower tail.

Thanks to Alex who sent the photos over to me. He has been windsurfing since the age of 5 years old and learnt hi initial skills on one of our X-train Rippers courses. He has been getting some coaching in Maui from the master coach himself Matt Pritchard…



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