Jem’s Feedback on the new RRD Quad 92 so far

Psc, baja all good and just sailed my quad 92 for first proper time and it was really damn good, i am very happy. Was full power 5.5 and then gusty 5.0 with some chest high sets coming in.

Felt quick to plane, very controllable and good speed, went upwind very high. Easy to sail and secure through the gybe and you could really drive hard in the exit, more like a single fin.

In riding it was pretty loose, still working on the riding, but it good grip and drive through the turns.

Jumps were good too, off small chop and waves and it rotated well through forwards, with a short and compact feel to the board.

Tacks were also very stable.

All in all it feels bigger and easier than the twin 90 so far.

I will play around with fins and other things and give you more feedback when we get bigger waves and i m more tuned into the riding.

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