John Skye and the new RRD Quad boards

On 2nd September we launched the new 2011 RRD Hardcore Quad; RRD Cult Quad and the RRD Hardcore & Cult single fins at Crouchers Hotel with Jem Hall, Jon Skye, Wouter and Jai from Seasprite.

Jon had some really interesting comments to make about the two different boards – in particular he really stressed the importance of the shape rather than the amount of fins in the board – so however many fins the way the board is shaped and the rocker line will still make the biggest difference as to how the board will perform.

Jon who has been heavily involved in the development of these boards explained that he tends to use the Cult 75 as his all round board in most locations and recommended this board for most sailors on the UK coastline. He felt the Cult 75 and 83 are modelled on similar rocker lines to the 82 Twin Fin and have the added advantage of the 4 fin set up which increases the turning performance and grip of the board.

The real benefits of the Quad over the Twin are the board grip in the top turns and the extra drive/speed in bottom turns; real positive feel when you take off jumping and extra control when you are seriously overpowered.

With regards to fin set up on the Quad – Jon’s set up was 33cm from the tail of the board to the leading edge of the fin and then the side fins are either 2 or 3 finger spacing forward of that. The further forward you put your side fins the more control over the board you will have in turns.

Jon also explained that the Hardcore range of boards has more rocker in it and sits deeper in the water so is slightly harder to get up onto the plane and requires bigger, cleaner waves to get the most out of this board.

With regards to the new 2011 Single Fin board – with RRD, these are the same shape but just with a single fin option – it depends on whether you are after that “drivey feel” which handles flat, chop, waves without any problems or if you are looking for something which is more biased towards wave riding in the UK, then the Cult Quad is your option!

Thanks to Lloyd @ Crouchers Hotel for letting us use his mighty fine bar area to launch these boards –

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