Max Rowe Wing Foil Clinic 2XS West Wittering // October 21st 2023

Max Rowe Wing Foil Clinic 2XS West Wittering, October 21st Intermediate/Advanced Level

Max Rowe will be coming to West Wittering to share his considerable skills as a wingfoiler and coach at 2XS West Wittering. The course will be customized to your skill level, taking place over a day at low tide in the trench, mid-tide, and then high tide at the end of the day.

Max is the head wing coach at Club Vass, a highly accomplished windsurfer, freestyler, and PWA competitor. His down-to-earth coaching skills will help you improve your technique and accelerate your knowledge base, enabling you to progress to the next phase of wingfoiling.

To make the most of this course, you should have intermediate gybing skills, as we will work on improving gybes, learning tacks, going faster upwind, mastering jumps, going bigger, and catching a few waves.

Please bring your own gear, including winter suits, helmets, and impact vests. You can also rent gear from 2XS at a 50% discount, and we can assist you with the booking.

The course will start at 8:45 AM and finish at 5:00 PM, with an option for dinner at the pub (additional cost). Car parking can be booked through the West Wittering car park app.

To book the course, please call 01243 513077 or email There are 8 available spots at £140 each

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