NEW Quatro, Goya, KT Foiling Gear

As we write this blog our new 2025 GOYA, KT and QUATRO windsurfing boards, sails, wingfoiling and downwinding gear is on its way to the 2XS HQ at West Wittering beach and should be on the beach by May 1st.

We have ordered for demo the new Goya Banzai windsurf sails, Quatro Cube 6 quad, Goya Custom Quad 8 Pro Carbon, Goya Custom Thruster 4 Pro Carbon & One 12 Carbon.

Wing foiling gear coming in for demo is the KT Drifter 4 Carbon, KT Ginxu Super K Carbon and the new KT Ginxu Dragonfly Surf Carbon downwinder – a  light wind winging and SUP foil board.

Over the last few years Lalo and Franciso Goya,  Keith Taboul, Jason Diffin and their Team Riders have been busy building and testing prototypes  – completely changing the construction layup, producing new fin boxes & deck pads – contributing towards getting  the windsurf boards closer to that custom feel and weight; and yes these boards  are light and still manufactured in the Cobra Factory,  so super high quality.

The KT wingboards and Downwinders have a completely new type of construction which will be much closer to the original custom designs, perfect rail finishes, lighter, stronger and more attention to detail through the hull and rail.

The sail range has had some major development too – 3 different versions of the Banzai – two 4 batten sails – Goya Banzai Pro, Goya Banzai Surf Pro and a 5-batten version Goya Banzai Max available in 4 different constructions including a full carbon warp sail.

What we have noticed about the Goya, KT and Quatro products is the R & D each model has been through – they are thoroughly tested and developed by the owners of the Company;  it’s not just a product but it’s their passion and you will see this come through in the new product line up.

The Goya, KT & Quatro windsurfing, winging, foiling and downwinding Team is the A list of legends -Marcillo Brown, Levi Siver, Adam Lewis, Kane De Wilde, Josh Stone, Jason Polokow, Kai Lenny, Kevin Pritchard, Vicky Abbot, Tatina Howard, Annie Reichart, Ridge Lenny and Otis Buckingham.

Please get in touch for information on the gear to book test rides and we will have a GOYA QUATRO & KT DEMO day coming up soon or call on 0124351255 and ask to speak to Simon.

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