Peter Hart General Skills Course – October 2016

Peter Hart – 2XS West Wittering

Harty has been running courses at West Wittering for a long time in fact its Petes local spot – The General Skills course is one of Hartys speciality courses – video coaching – beach demos, plenty of water time – its about tuning your skills up, understanding how you get to the next stage in your windsurfing, form planing, tacking, carve gybing and beyond.  

The course doesn’t just end at 5pm but a visit to the local Pub in this case The Lamb is always part of the social.

Pete runs alot of week long courses abroad as well as a number right here in the UK.  

On the course were  –Richard Elliot,William Elliot, Niall Walters, Erik Dwight, Dave Cottrell, Martin Casemore and Sarah Frymann  

Pics Simon Bassett/2XS

2 thoughts on “Peter Hart General Skills Course – October 2016

  1. What an utterly brilliant two days it was. Is Peter Hart the best the best windsurfing instructor ever? Probably. Not just waves and flat water but the superb facilities of the club for the video analysis sessions.
    Thank you also Simon and team for your quad bike low tide service. An utter privilege to spend two days on this clinic. Couldn’t recommend it more highly. Richard and William Elliott.

  2. We totally agree with you that Peter Hart is the best! We are glad you enjoyed yourself and learnt some new skills. Hopefully see you next time!

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