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Duotone Unit SS23

Duotone Unit SS23


The new Duotone Unit SS23 has just landed – launched 15th November 2022 – available in stock!

Check out the 2XS Blog about our recent trip to Sicily to test the new Duotone Unit 2023


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Duotone Unit SS23

Version 3 of the Duotone Unit, SS23 model, looks at first glance not a huge difference from the V2 model.  We were lucky enough to test the new model out in Italy at the recent Duotone Dealer conference – what we noticed straight away is that there is more panels in the canopy, you can feel the power as soon as you get out on the water – its light and responsive when you see the wing the leach is holding its shape there is pretty much no billowing.  Duotone have also flattened out the dihedral on the leading edge and there is more efficient glide and stability when you are heading downwind.  We really liked the fact that this wing has solid handles because you get such direct drive while you are out on the water and real response from the wing when you need it.

The 2023 Unit enters us into a new era of wing design. Featuring MOD3, a new canopy, that changes everything! The latest edition Unit offers more power, better hang time and improved drift stability. From the first pump, you’ll notice the additional power MOD3 brings to the wing. With responsive handling through the rigid handles. The 2023 Unit gets you up in flight mode sooner, with an improved grunt and low end allowing you to use smaller-sized wings. The higher modulus MOD3 fabric holds the shape of the wing with double the strength in warp direction and 3 times* the stretch resistance in bias direction compared to traditional canopies. The small gain in weight becomes secondary once you feel the power, draft stability, and wide range of the new Unit. MOD3 remains fresh like its day one and significantly improves the tear resistance and canopy strength.  Duotone have optimized the dihedral angle, as well as the tip and strut twist for better drift stability when surfing or flying through basic maneuvers. The extra lift and power deliver more hang time when jumping. The stronger front handle with better stand-off is another detail that improves the surfing characteristics of the Unit range. For better visibility Designer Ken Winner implemented the window layout from the Slick SLS to improve vision and overall safety at crowded spots with minimal impact on the lightweight structure of the Unit. The lightweight rigid handles have become a benchmark in wing design for their direct steering and power transfer allowing the rider quick adjustments through its grip range combined with pump-and-go simplicity and minimal packing size. Whether you love drawing flowing lines in the surf and open ocean swells, lift and hang time in tacks and jumps or simply like riding with extra horsepower in your engine, the 2023 Unit is yet again another step ahead of the pack! * More than 7 times less stretchy at lower force.

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