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Goya Cypher Pro

Goya Cypher Pro


Freestyle windsurfing at its absolute best and most uncompromising. An extra premium has been placed on the Cypher Pro’s light weight build.

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Cypher Pro

Freestyle 4 Batten

Pop. If the collaboration with Antoine Albert could be summarized into one word, this would be it. The all new Cypher Pro. Freestyle windsurfing at its absolute best and most uncompromising. An extra premium has been placed on the Cypher Pro’s light weight build.

Massive lift and ease of rotation are the drivers of progressive freestyle maneuvers. And they also drive the Cypher Pro, project baby and sail of choice for not just Antoine Albert but also freestyle team riders Yarden Meir, Jay Lee and Rob Warwick.

In fact, the vision behind the name Cypher highlights the nature of ideas coming together between individuals. Resulting in a sail made for, but not limited to Freestyle.

The uncompromising nature of this sail has led to its versatility spanning from technical trick style windsurfing, to foil windsurfing and even some waveriding, all benefiting from the sheer endless lift and lightness of this model.

To make the lightest sail period, you have to shave off weight wherever possible, and the Cypher Pro offers the perfect platform to push this idea forward.
Ultra Lightweight body panels in Monofilm, Bi-Ply and Scrim, minimalized components, dedicated “lifting” draft profile, silky quiet rotation, all these details contribute to the feeling levitation of its pure freestyle design.

The new Cypher Pro features refined outlines with shorter boom lengths. This makes rotational and duck tricks easier. More shape – forward and higher in the profile – give yet more lift. Refined foot batten shapes ease batten rotation.

Sizes go down to 2.8 and up to 5.9, leaving no wishes unfulfilled.

Pro Construction, Monofilm window, Bi-Ply and Scrim panels.

SizeBoom Hi / Lo (cm)Luff (cm)Mast (cm)Weight (kg)SleeveTopBattens


Cypher Pro vs. Fringe Pro

Cypher with 4 battens brings more stability to the sail, compared to Fringe’s 3, expanding the range and control particularly in stronger wind, while weights between comparable sizes of those 2 models are nearly identical at Fringe 3.7 = 2.69 kg and Cypher 3.8 = 2.68 kg.

Cypher power is “lifiting”. “Up” force compared to “neutral”. This lifting power makes the sail go well for both freestyle tricks and also foiling, where lift helps get you up out of the water and on foil more quickly. A lifting power delivery also works well for any rider in lighter wind, to help initiate early planing and easy handling.

Fringe power is “neutral” to “slightly down”. This power delivery really helps keep the rider settled in wave sailing where you really want to focus on driving your rail through turns without being lifted or digging the nose in too much. Fringe really allows you to feel the board on the water without too much input from the sail. Nevertheless, Fringe also goes well for foiling, because of its neutral lift, which makes the ride very predictable.

For maneuver oriented windsurf foiling, we recommend moving toward Cypher, compared to Fringe.

Cypher Pro vs. Banzai Pro

The Cypher Pro is a lighter build, since Freestyle sails require slightly less durability overall.

Its power is higher up in the sail, more “lifting” than the Banzai Pro, while this lifting power is also in part a result of the lighter weight.

The Cypher Pro would work well in the waves in a situation where low end power is most needed, particularly in light wind, when the sail is rigged full and paired with a floaty board.

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Sail Size

3.4m, 3.8m, 4.2m, 4.4m, 4.8m, 5.1m, 5.4m, 5.6m, 5.9m


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