Rippers May Half Term 2023

We started these courses over 20 years ago – to help get young people into windsurfing, surfing and stand up paddleboarding.  All the gear is specifically designed for smaller people – 5/4 Ion blind stitched winter suits, small Goya Surf Windsurf sails with mini booms and the latest  Goya Surf windsurf boards.  We use lightweight foamy Alder surf boards and Fanatic SUPS.

West Wittering beach offers such great conditions for watersports and safe learning inside the sand bars at mid and low tide.

The conditions over half term were perfect,  lightwinds, sun and flat water it was so good to see these guys get on the water.  At high tide a small wave kicked in for surfing.  On the 2XS Rippers course you learn about tides, winds, waves, surf – get the program on windsurfing and if the wind stops then we SUP or MegaSUP.

The class of 2023 new 2XS Rippers included Megan, Matilda, Charlie, Arabella, Charlotte, Fallon, Salila, Priya, Thomas, Emily and Pipi.  Instructors were Toby, Tom, Daisy and SB we all had a blast teaching this group it was a fun 3 days.

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