Sneak Peak at 2011 Windsurfing Kit in Maui

Simon has just returned from a windy and wavey holiday in Maui where he got some photos of some of the latest 2011 toys from all the manufacturers!

JP and Neil Pryde
You might think that Pro Windsurfers have the best job in the world. These guys were ready to go at 8am and finished at 6pm every day. Sometimes sailing 3 or 4 beaches to get the best shots. I have to say that they did work extremely hard and it was good to see some British talent (Robby Swift, Phil Horrocks and Andy Chambers) in the waves.

Freestyle: Andy Chambers (K540), Olya Raskina (RUS-14) and Yegor Propretinskiy (RUS 11) sailing the new 2011 JP Freestyle Boards and Neil Pryde Firefly sails at Spreckelsville, Maui:

Wavesailing: Ricardo Campell V111, Kauli Seadi BRA253, Jason Polakow KA1111, Robby Swift K89, Morgan Noireaux HI 101 and Phil Horrocks K303 on the latest 2011 JP Twinsers and quads and Neil Pryde Fly 2011 sails at Camp One and Ho’okipa Beach Park in Maui::

The boys were also checking out the brand new 2011 Neil Pryde Atlas:

Ezzy 2011 Prototyping
Simon met up with Dave Ezzy and tried out the latest Ezzy Wave Panther 2011 prototype:

Naish 2011
Kai Lenny (US 1112) was truly amazing to watch, out-shredding people double his age!

Simon also checked out the new range of SUP boards at the Naish Pro shop in Kahalui:

Fanatic and North 2011
Fanatic have completely changed their look for 2011 and the new North colour schemes look interesting too.
Here is Nayra Alonso, Craig Gurtenbach, Peter Volwater and Nik Baker on the new 2011 Fanatic New Wave Twin and Quad:

Starboard and Severne 2011
Boujma Guilloul M1 and Timo Mullen K69 were out at Ho’okipa riding 2011 Starboard quads and 2011 Severne


Gaastra Manic 2011 with Matt Prichard:

Hot Sails Maui 2011 with Jeff Henderson:

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