Test : : Quatro Super Mini, Goya Fringe & Banzai 2017 kit.

I visited the Goya Quattro HQ in Tarifa last weekend and got the heads up on some new boards and kit from the boss himself Lalo Goya. I checked out the new Goya Fringe, Baznzai, Guru and the new mark free race sails. While I was  there I had the chance to see new models from Goya including new Volar freeride boards and Quattro’s new sups range, new AST construction Glides, kids range Nano and new Quattro Tourer.

I tried the 94l Super Mini which Lalo and Mateo pulled straight out of the box and set it up especially for me. At first it look pretty tasty; a short tri-fin set-up, but unlike most other brands it doesn’t have the square cut off nose. Keith Taboul concept has been to work through the protypes  and evolve the concept different outline early planing but still very loose. I went to the beach down wind from the Dos Mares in Tarifa in light marginal winds using a 5.3m Fringe with the new skinny Goya carbon boom.

There were a lot of other people including Benny Harrision and Mateo on 5.5s out in the small waist to chest high waves cross onshore conditions. First impression was that the board had plenty of float and as I bobbed out through the surf I had to head up wind and stall the sail to get out through the surf. I got out pumped a couple of times and pointed the board down wind and carried on up wind. I was surprised how quick it was  to plane and it felt super stable in the choppy Tarifa conditions. I didn’t get much to jump off but it felt very balanced in the air for its super short length of 218 cm.

On the way back in as I got planning I had to get used to standing a little further back than normal to keep the nose up. Once I figured this out it was fine and I had quite a few on-shore wave rides that felt super smooth and loose. I normally ride a Goya Quad so it felt different to this with its wider tail but more like the Quattro Cube it planes fast and turns with plenty of speed. I only rode for a few hours and I didn’t have the chance to try it with the fin further forward or adjusting the straps to my normal settings. I reckon the back strap for me might work really in the back position. We will have one of these soon at the beach for test so come and give it a go!

Have to say thanks to Lalo Goya, Bianca, Indy and Axel for the  great hospitality and showing me some great tapas and steak restaurants over 2 days while I was there .

4 thoughts on “Test : : Quatro Super Mini, Goya Fringe & Banzai 2017 kit.

  1. Thanks for the post. Would you recommned this board (super Mini Thruster) could also be working in flat water conditions? I am looking for a large wave board (on top of my small one) that can also be used in bump & jump conditions on lakes, i.e. want to avoid having a large waveboard and a freestyle-waveboard on top.

    When will it be possible to order the Super Mini?

    • The mini thruster is a fast board that gets planning quickly and yet still turns really well in waves. I tried the 94L in waves and when the water went flat between the waves the board stepped it up a few gears and was fast. I would suggest if you are going to replace a freestyle wave with this then get the right size for your weight.
      They become available towards the end of June so perhaps give me a call on 01243 512552 and I can talk through any questions you have.
      Cheers simon.

    • Hello Martin,

      Perhaps you’ll find this helpful too. Just had a chance to ride the Super Mini 94. Basically in bump-and-jump conditions, but I am not much of a jumper haha. First impressions with a short video clip are here:

      “First try of the Quatro Super Mini. They could have named it just Quatro Mini, because “Super” is kind of obvious haha. It was an extremely gusty side-onshore 3.5 weather, with small waves, and I can’t ride onshore at all. The board is super secure while initiating the drop from even the steepest waves and turns wonderfully – just make sure you have the foot all the way in the back foot strap, it makes finishing the turns so much easier. Later switched to Goya 80 Custom, but the wave was too weak for really enjoying a small board. I’d say that 94 Super Mini matches well with 3.5 Fringe haha, no problem there. What an Instant big like : )”


  2. Hi Simon, It sounds like you felt the 94 Super mini was right for your weight. Do you mind advising your weight and then confirming that the Super mini 94 was right for your weight. I presently am 92 kg and want to replace my Quatro Pyramid 92 and my Quatro Cube 115 with one wave board do you think the Super Mini 103 could do it as the “right in the middle board”. I live in Western Australia and would appreciate your thoughts and if you could share your weight and thoughts on sizing of the board bearing in mind your comments above. Please apply any caveats as you may wish. In addition, please comment on any drawbacks of the Super Mini or limitations that prospective buyers should have regard to.? Wave size/conditions etc ? Thanks in advance and Cheers, Richard

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