The Trench. It’s back on!

The West Wittering low tide Trench is back – the Trench which sits between sandbars at East Head is working again and deeper than ever!   We have been using the Trench over the  last few months and it seems to getting better!   The winter storms carved this flat water beauty over the winter and it’s deep enough now to wing foil in at low tide on decent NEAP tides.   You seem to get 2 hours before low tide and two hours after which give you plenty of flat water and space.  If you are foiling stay in the middle as there is plenty of depth.

Look for South westerly or West South Westerly before heading out .  Once you are into spring tides you have a lot less time and way more current big spring tides tend to dry out the trench at low tide.

We had  full 2XS  team session in the Trench:   Ewan, Simon, Holly, Conway and Sam – plus Dicky, Jordan, Elliot and Dave windsurfing.   (Photos Simon & Holly Bassett)

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