West Wittering Action in July 2011

I am either suffering from amnesia or we have just had so many good days this July that I can’t remember which day was which. My hands are calloused, my feet leave skin wherever I go and I look like I’ve been tangoed.
There isn’t much story to this blog-entry, we just have a load of photos that we wanted to upload. There is a selection from Holly and Simon Basset, taken from the beach as well as some pretty decent ‘self-love’ GoPro shots from Simon and Stuart Holland on his kite-board.
There has been some standout sailing from all the West Wittering regulars this month. Most notably, the kids have been ripping it up – the Goodwins and Pettits are becoming part of the beach furniture and Holly Bassett has been flying around with a new love for the sport. Jess Napper is pretty much a full time kiter (I think she goes to work in her time-off) and is now showing up some of the boys with her skills. Paul Simmons is getting dangerously close to consistent back loops and Justin Goodwin’s forwards are looking very stylish.

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