West Wittering Beach Action (Late May 2011)

Here are some snaps of last week’s action on West Wittering Beach. The word awesome springs to mind. More Southwesterly, please!

Emile, Simon and Roscoe had a killer session half way down the ebach on thursday. The waves were peeling perfectly along the sandbar to the east and I reckon we got 50+ bottom turns each!

Stu got some great kite shots on his GoPro. The West Wittering Trench was amazing on Sunday and Dick Dale Chips and others were ripping into some flat water love.

James, Jack and Emily (the young-guns) were giving it some in the waves and Chris was kiting after missing the photos last weekend. Mark Twist, Jand, Justin and others were enjoying the action.

West Wittering, once again, at its best. GoPro shots from Simon and Emile, beachshots by Simon Bassett and GoPro kite shots from Stu Holland.

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