Witterings Charity Paddle Race 2010 – a huge success

The annual Witterings Charity Paddle race went ahead on Sunday 22nd August in aid of the Sussex Snowdrop trust. The annual event organised by 2XS, X-train and The Shore Surf Club had 28 competitors who paddled on surf boards, SUPs, Kayaks, prone surf boards and outrigger style kayaks. The fun event has been going for 5 years and locals from the Shore Surf Club and West Wittering Windsurf Club compete with others for fun over the 1/2 mile between East and West Wittering beach.

The poor August weather didn’t put off the competitors who raced up the shore line at low tide. The starts were staggered – kayaks went first followed by prone surfboards, surfboards and finally SUPs. The whole idea of the event is fun: to bring the community together between East and West Wittering and raise some money for charity.
Plenty of families were at the event, children under 10 taking part as well as the oldest competitor at nearly 70 who made the distance. The local CDC patrol service, PUMA safety were on hand for safety backup along with a jet ski from WWWC and lifeguards from West Wittering Beach.
It was good to see plenty of entrants from WWWC: Chris Mclaron, who raised nearly £360 and was behind me on a SUP, James and Archie Mellor and Holly Bassett. James, Sasha and Steve Arnell Smith as well James Randall who won the prone surfing. Oliver Chiperfield, who was the first non outrigger kayak and showed how running 5K three times a week can change your fitness. It would be good to see a few more next year.
Keith Rathbone won the overall event on his 18ft outrigger, Simon Bassett was 1st SUPer, James Randall 1st prone paddler, Nicoli Rotterman 1st surfer, Holly Bassett 1st lady and first junior SUP, James Anrell Smith first junior surfer and the Crawford brothers 1st junior kayak. Chris Mclaron won the award for the most money raised as well as Roger Wilson for being the oldest competitor

Organisers Adriano Roldan, Graham Taplin and Simon Bassett were all very happy with the result – not only was the event good fun but also we raised over £1150 for the Sussex Snowdrop trust. Next season’s event is planned for the Sunday 24th July 2011.

Thanks to all who helped run the event: Adriano, Tony, Graham, Sue, Clive, Will and Russell on the Barbie, the Shore Surf Club, Keith and Martin from Puma safety, Chris, Adam, Andy, Bobbie and Jane from X-train and West Wittering lifeguards Will, Ali and Jenny.

1 Keith Rathbone 9H Other Crafts / Sea Canoe 17:05
2 Rick Knight 4F Kayak 17:38
3 Simon Basset 1D SUP race 21:25 (1st SUP)
4 Oliver Chipperfield 21F Kayak 22:38 (1st Kayak)
5 Nick & Oscar 25F Kayak 23:46
6 James Randall (life guard) 18G Prone Paddle Board 23:50 (1st Prone Paddleboard)
7 C Mc Larnon 7D SUP 25:14
8 Billy & Charly Crawford 5F Kayak Junior 25:20 (1st Junior)
9 Peter Symms 29A Surfboard 25:36 (1st Surfboard)
10 James Mellor 26D SUP 25:39
11 Nicolai Roterman 20A Surfboard 25:48
12 Graham Taplin 3G Prone Paddle Board 27:14
13 Ken Harmer 11D SUP 27:20
14 Brian James 6D SUP 28:13
15 Steve Smith 15D SUP 29:39
16 Chris Dixon 10D SUP 32:53
17 Russell Taplin 2A Surfboard 33:51
18 Mary Roterman 14B Surfboard Ladies 34:29 (1st Ladies Surfer)
19 Chris Watkins 13G Prone Paddle Board 37:14
20 Adriano 22A Surfboard 38:55
21 Shane Geary 8A Surfboard 39:14
22 Holly Basset 28A SUP 40:02 (1st Ladies Junior)
23 Dave & Archi Gammon 19H Other Craft / Outrigger 41:19
24 Sharon Taplin 24E SUP ladies 42:40
25 Sasha Arnell Smith 16F Kayak Junior 43:50
26 Archie Mellor 27D SUP Junior 44:32
27 James Arnell Smith 17C Surfboard Junior 46:12
28 Roger Wilson 23G Prone Paddle Board 47:05

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