TESTED : : 2018 Ezzy Taka 4


We have been using the new EZZY Taka 4 for the the last 6 weeks had plenty of time on the water and had plenty of clients use these  too.The response had been very good and plenty of new customers are buying these after testing them.

I have personally used every essay wave sail since Dave Ezzy started with own brand brand so know the feel of Ezzys and like the way they are built – also have used EZZY  Taka 1,2 and 3 versions .

So the big question I always get asked is how stable a 3.5 batten sail against a 4 or 5 batten version –well in my view it is as stable I have used the 3.8 Taka 4 in 50 mph and it was solid as rock .I weigh about 81 kg other guys at 110 kg were also on 3.7s from other brands on the same day-I surprised how stable it felt at the upper end.

 It also feels very light in your hands lots of power where want it and when you need to loose power- sheet out it stays in shape .What I like about the the Ezzy Taka 4 is the power range so if the wind drops you loosen some out haul tension and you still keep planning .

In gusty conditions the Ezzy Taka is stable and if the wind drops you can keep reducing the outhaul (10cm range approx ) or re set downhaul for more power (1cm range ) .Ezzys setting guides make a big difference it works .Each sail comes with regular strong wind setting or a super light wind version .

Choosing the right size –you tend to use any 3 type sail in smaller sizes so if you normally would use a 5.0 you might choose a 4.7 Taka or even a 4.5 they have tons of tuneable power .What I would say to get the best out these you need to set them on EZZY masts  I use Ezzy Hookipa 90% carbon but they work on the 60% Ezzy legacy mast s too.

So here is another interesting fact Ezzy owns his own factory in Sri Lanka –(I visited the factory 2016 ) each sail is hand made –rigged and tested in the factory –you also can order in custom colours a extra £20 per sail  but adds 6 weeks to the delivery . And in this disposable world we live the –the build quality ,material choice is all Grade A –so your sail will last longer and survive the UV damage and beatings in the ocean.You will also notice not to much screen printing all over  the sail which also reduces environmental issues of waste at the Ezzy Factory .

When I spoke to Dave on Skype he said the tune up between the EZZY 3 and 4 has been seam shaping in the luff area as well as new non stretch luff tube material  as well new  material for the sail .

To sum up the Ezzy Taka 4 sail feels lighter ,has more wind range ,has a better top end and feels uber stable on the water and comes with the classic Ezzy build quality .

In simple terms we have these sails on test if want to try one out please contact me simon@2xs.co.uk and let me know 

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