2XS Team Riders Ian & Emile Sail Ponta Preta & Ali Baba, Cape Verde

Ian Whittakker, one of 2XS team riders has just got home from a trip to Cape Verde. He has been going to Cape Verde for the last four years and says that 2019 was his best windsurfing and conditions yet.

Three swells and good winds made for dreamy windsurfing conditions and they (Emile Kott and Ian Whittakker) sailed Ponta Preta and Ali Baba in near perfect conditions.

Ian was using the new Ezzy Sails and said they were perfect in the cross-offshore winds and powerful waves. He did get thrown onto the rocks a couple of times and all his kit came out in one piece – a sign of a good sturdy sail brand. His trusty Goya quad handled the mast-high waves with ease.

Back on the beach all the families were very content as it was a really hot year. Happy days

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