Duotone Fanatic Ion // Tenerife 

I have just got from a dealer trip in El Medano in Tenerfie with Nik Baker, Jane and Tim Frampton. We all had to chance to test new Duotone windsurf sails (formerly known as North windsurfing), Ion Wetsuits, Fanatic windsurfing/SUP, plus Fanatic new windsurf/SUP/surf foiling. There were a lot of products for the dealers to launch to the 140 people who arrived from all over Europe and USA, including team riders, designers and Boards&More team from head office.

It was really good to catch up with other UK shops and we all enjoyed the the all you can eat/drink in the San Blas Resort… where we also spent late nights enjoying the free bar.

I got out on the water with the Duotone Super Hero and Super session however I spent most of my time on the Fanatic Grip and Stubby (in different sizes as the wind was pretty gusty 4.2m then 4.7m weather). I also used the new Duotone super skinny carbon boom. Also had a burn up at on the 10ft Fanatic style master and had a few waves on the Harbour Wall. Also bumped into Colin Dixon on the water who was running a clinic.

Had some good tips from Adam Lewis just back from Red Bull Storm chase –who showed us some setup tips with rigging the Superhero and board set up on the Fanatic Stubby.
Also went out on the Fanatic Sup foil behind the boat – planning in 5 knots on a foil –felt much harder than I thought but given the other foilers on the boat Airton Cozzolino, Sebastian Riberro, Jaime from Tarifa, and Andy Gratwick who made it Foil surfing look very easy.
Foiling is happening! Fanatic have a whole pile of new sup windsurf and sup foils with lots of new carbon front wings and new german made set of foil parts redesigned from original fanatic H9 from 2018. They also have a new Duotone Foil Wing which all the team riders had a burn up on for Sup foil wave riding and down winding. Sky Solbac seems to heading up this program foil sup foils and the foil wing – he is also rumoured to be taking over design of performance sups for 2020.
If you want to find out more about Fanatic, Duotone windsurfing,Fanatic Sups, Fanatic foiling and Duotone Foil wind call me at the shop 01243 512552.
It was a good trip even it was a bit on the cold and wet side for a few days. Thanks to K66 team, Craig, Karen, Till from Boards&More.

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