A bit of Wind (at last!)

After one of the longest windless periods we can all remember, those lucky few who can sneak out during the week to play had a moment of respite.

The windguru forecast for last thursday was finally showing a decent number of stars: 25-30 knots with a 3m short period swell.

Thankfully the forecast delivered. Chimet hit 35knots in the middle of the night and built all day. Unfortunately the wind decided to shut off at 4.45pm – perfectly in time to frustrate all the after work sailors!

Stuart Holland and Simon Bassett captured all the photos of the day.

We are now playing the waiting game again. Stuck with this beautiful sunny weather and hoping for windy storms. Pretty sure we’re all stupid!

Congratulations to Adrian Nesbitt and Adrian Hope-Barr who managed 30.24knots on a freestyle-wave and North Duke and 35.91 knots on a Fanatic Falcon and 5.8 NP RS respectively!

Simon Bassett captured a video of the day on his GoPro HD. To follow shortly…

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