A Short Interview with Marcillo Browne (BRA 105) about Fanatic Quads and Single Fins

Brawzinho (Marcillo Browne) has taken the wavesailing world by storm in the last few years. He is leading the way in combining the best wavesailing with modern freestyle and is incredible to watch on the water.

In 2009 he claimed 4th Place in Cabo Verde (big waves, down the line) and 4th place in Lanzarote (freestyle) – truly an alround genius!

Simon Bassett in a recent dealer trip to Mauritius (such a hard life) and he gave us the following information on these new Fanatic Quads:

Marcillo Browne
Height : 1,88 m

Weight : 86 Kg

A lot of people don’t tune their boards much, do you think it makes much difference to these new quads moving the fins and the mast base?
For sure a big diference, having them on the right place fully changes the performance of the board . It took a lot of time to find the right distance, angles … Etc . But now we have a pretty good set up for all conditions I would say .

How do you like to set yours up (fins and mast base)? Do you change them much for different conditions?
The front fins on our boards are already set in the best position we found while testing . For me i usually have a distance of ” 2,5 fingers ” in betwenn fins. The mast base normally a bit more in front of the center, but depending on conditions i move it around. If its more onshore and smaller waves a put it a bit more towards the back. If the waves are bigger and more down the line conditions i would have it more towards the front .

What do you think these new Quads offer to the average Joe-Punter over a single or twin?
They are great for all levels . With the quads it’s just easier to go where you want in the waves, and also to recover when something goes wrong. Not only on the waves, but also in general they are able with even bigger sizes hold up much more wind than normal singles or twins. For example, it would be easy to sail on a 86 quad even on sizes like 4,5 , the board would still turn amazing and not feel over powered. So people could probably have less boards and still be able to have lots of fun on all conditions .

When it comes to riding, how do the new Quads differ from the twin fins?
The front fins give some extra control and stability to the board and also add lots of drive, allowing better performance on bigger waves . Also, for smaller waves I think it made it easier . Much more control when hitting white water, releasing tail and keep much more speed in the wave . This boards have extra projection so its easier to accelerate with the power of the wave instead of with the wind on the sail . In general i think it makes a bit easier for everything, its just a lot more control .

Do you think the tail slide is going out and the gouge is coming back in?
Oh yes , during the past few seasons the level of riding from everyone has rised a lot . Pretty much all riders on tour are sailing a lot better, people now are reading waves way better, sailing closer to the pocket and also using the rails a lot more . Also with the lastest super high performance production boards everyone has a chance to sail the same boards as the top riders, so also guys that only sail for fun have been improving really really fast .

Are the quad fin boards making much of a difference to your jumping over the twin fin?
The difference is not that big as for wavering, but i think its a bit easier to set up before the ramps, even when coming full speed, to keep that extra control before the jump .

Do you think that the quads are as good as the old trusty single fin for jumping?
I think if we are talking only jumping i would say a single fin is still a bit better. Its for sure a bit faster as it has less drag, and also has more push in the back of the board which helps to go higher.

Is there else that you think people need to know about the new boards?
Humm, i dont know, i just think we have a pretty complete range of wave boards right now . The single fins have flatter rocker lines, they go really fast, amazing for jumping and still turn pretty well, for example Victor and Klass are competing in the world cup with those boards . The quads are the line with more rocker curve, made specially for high performance wave riding but also working on all kinds of conditions, they are my personal choice for the season as well as other riders , have been riding them all around and loving it . The twins are something in between in terms of rocker, it feels pretty fast, still turns amazing and does all the new school tricks.

Thanks Brawzinho

Just take a look at this short clip of Marcillo… double wave taka anyone??:

Double Air Taka attemp from marcilio browne on Vimeo.

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