Jobs at X-Train, West Wittering for 2014

We are looking for experienced Instructors to work for X-train, West Wittering beach – if you have a seasons abroad experience would be helpful and have a real passion for watersports and want to be involved in running our windsurfing club and tuition centre at West Wittering.

You will need to have good people skills and enjoy working with customers of all ages.

You will be based on the beach at West Wittering where you will be involved in looking after club members, tuition and dealing with rescue and safety.

We have a full RRD, Ezzy Test/Hire Centre plus Goya and the latest kitesurfing kit from RRD, surfing, SUP from Fanatic and kids windsurf equipment. We also run one of the most progressive windsurfing/kitesurfing/sup/surf schools in the UK and we are developing new teaching methods as well as new format courses. We were also the first stand-up paddle school in Britain.

We teach kids from 5 years old – surfing, paddle surfing, windsurf and kitesurfing. We also run pro clinics with Pete Hart and Sam Ross, demo days and wave and freestyle events.

You will also be involved in selling kit from

The roles we are looking to fill:

Windsurf instructor – 1st March till October 31st 2014

Kite surf instructor – 1st March till October 31st 2014

Windsurf instructor – June till September

Windsurf instructor – July until September
We will provide training plus its a definite advantage if you have multi sport instructor qualifications. You will need to have all your relevant certificates up to date including First Aid, Powerboat and your teaching certificates.

We will also be offering internships for 2014 so if have a passion for watersports and want to get qualified we will consider applicants who want to work and develop skills and qualifications during the season.

We also offer schools and colleges work placements and Duke of Edinburgh work experience .

Please send your CV to Simon Bassett on 0774 775 8883 or 01243 512552 or email him on

2013 WWWC Club Awards

We had our annual club awards this year at The lamb Inn on the road to West Wittering.

Jim who with his business partner took over the pub last December has done a great job there and he and his team looked after us extremely well.

Jeff played some top tunes on his guitar all evening and along with the great food we had a good evening.
The place was complete with loads of club members and legends of the 90’s Stu Holland, Jamie Hawkins as well Neal Gent and Jem Hall.

The Graham Strudwick Windsurfing award –was between Francis Goodwin and Danny Smith –Francis cliched the deal with his performance in force 9 at high tide last weekend.

The WWWC kitesurfing award – John Hamer, Mike Black and Simon Russell were nominated –Simon Russell was the the winner.

The Lisa Furlong Rippers trophy – always a hard one for us as we have some many good kids out in the water –Alex Mckirgan (2nd Am in Baja AWT tour); Jack Pettit (1st place NWF Hayling) and Jenna Pettit who has put a lot of effort into her windsurfing.

Jack Pettit clinched it for his improved windsurfing and really going for it in the surf!! ..

Epic Monday 4th November 2013 – West Wittering

Watched this while I was teaching a paddle surf instructors course from the club house!!

Hard to believe how radical the waves were. Between the sets you see just the mast tips!

I watched Randall, Emile and Ian Whittaker linking up between 5 and 6 big turns then the big lip hit.

The current was full throttle the guys were getting properly pounded when they got it wrong.

Good to see the Joliffe road posse Dave Gammon, Paul Metcalfe, Ian and Raggi travelling West for some wave action.

Here’s Emiles comments on the session:

I turned up at West Wittering expecting to go for a paddleboard – the surf was looking very nice. Walked from the van to the clubhouse and Rossco pointed out that it was about 18-20 knots and cross-off so we might be able to go for a sail!

I grabbed the Goya Custom Quad 94 and Banzai 5.0 and jumped in the water (is there a better float-and-ride combo?)

When we first hit the water, the tide was still strong and the wind was very light. Randall and I wobbled out the back, with a fair bit of swimming. We then had to sail straight downwind to stay out of the harbour! In the beaming sunshine, we caught a bunch of waves each before anyone else hit the water. I had never seen West Wittering like this – perfect sunshine, clean head-high waves, cross-off and a very nice bowling inside section! The best thing was that you never actually had to sail upwind – the tide did that for you. At one point, when the wind went really light, we both actually had to walk downwind.

All the boys showed up within half an hour and the wind picked up enough for it to be really nice – everyone was smiling in disbelief at the conditions.

I have lived and sailed in the Witterings for the last 15 years and I have NEVER had conditions like this….

More please?

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Pics Simon Bassett

2XS Facebook Page/ ..

Sunday 3rd November 2013 – West Wittering

Another awesome session at West Wittering – the hammer had been down all week with the wind and surf – the sun popped its head out and pics look good –more westerly direction and that classic West Wittering swell.

Loads of riders out Mark and Tim perry (new father Tim taking a few waves before baby duty), Paul Simmons,J ack Pettit ripping into some decent chunks and Dad Grahame giving it large.

Xav Tournambe, Driss Arissa, Stu Holland, Ollie Sargent all tearing it up. Paul Hatton, Sam Fishbourne, Alex Mckirgan and James Arnell Smith (who has been working hard with home work) getting some rocket air. Even the legend of the 90’s Jamie Hawkins was out there ripping.

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Pics Simon Bassett

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Kite & Windsurf Pics – 26 October 2013 – West Wittering

This was a good low tide session as there hadn’t been any decent wind for a while.

We had our Rippers Camp on with Sam Ross and James Randall and here is the low tide kite action.
I watched Levon Lister charging some of his first runs were of the 35 to 36 knots mark.

Levon did a run the following Monday of 38 knots and it looked uber fast. John Hamer had a decent high tide session – Mike McChesney was ripping on his Cult Quad, Patrick was out, Stacey was getting some decent jumps and Simon Russell was getting some big air!

Justin came out later and busted out some nice pushies. Frank Mrkirgan and Westy were out in the trench giving it some 90s action.

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Pics Simon Bassett

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Emile wins Amatuer fleet – BWA Cornwall Event

Emile who worked with 2XS/WWWC for many years clinched a well deserved victory in the BWA Gwithian amatuer division last weekend in some of the biggest wave conditions of the year.

Emile has been riding the new 2014 Goya quads and 4 batton Banzaii sails. If you get the chance to watch Emile windsurfing you will see how full on his windsurfing has got in decent wave sailing conditions.

Here’s what he said:

“This year was the third time I have taken part in the BWA amateur event in Cornwall. I had managed second place twice before and was very keen to try to take the win!

I love sailing at Gwithian – it’s a beautiful spot and on it’s day gives some incredible (port tack) riding conditions.

This year’s event was blessed with solid conditions, helped along by the infamous Jude storm. The amateur event took place on the Saturday when we had solid 4.7 weather with chest to shoulder high sets. There were 24 entrants, including some very solid sailors. To be honest, when I saw the level of sailing, I wasn’t even hopeful of getting through the first round!

I got through the first few rounds, then the judges started to score on 1 jump as well as the 2 wave rides. Sailing at Wittering all the time, I am far from comfortable jumping on port tack but gave it my best.

In the final round, (probably more by luck than judgment) I managed to land a clean backie – on port tack! – still can’t quite believe it… That pretty much sealed the deal.

As always, the event was excellent – every possible minute of compete-able conditions was used in everything from bolt-onshore Marazion mush to scary mast high walls breaking top to bottom on the sandbar at the Bluff.

If anyone is thinking of entering a competition next year, stop finding excuses and do it! We always have a lot of fun – everyone is very friendly and it really does wonders for your sailing. There were sixty something competitors at the Gwithian event and only 2 were from Wittering! – There are some great sailors here who would be at the top of the Youth, Master and Amateur fleets…” ..

2XS Open FreeWave Windsurf Competition & Wave Gear Demo Weekend – 16 & 17 November 2013

16th – 17th November @ West Wittering Beach

2XS is bringing back the Freewave Competition format on the 16th and 17th of November 2013!

Freewave brings both aspects of wave and freestyle to an event anything goes it will be a conditions dependent event.  Hosted by West Wittering Windsurf Club.

The weekend will be a great chance for first time competitors but also seasoned pro’s, to try the latest 2014 windsurf kit and socialise with a Saturday night meal.

The ‘Open’ competition means it is a competition for anyone, Men/Ladies, Youth/Masters, AM/Pro and if the wind is light we will still hold a competition whether its on a windsurf board or SUP!

The event will start early so be at the beach for briefing 8am expected start time 8.30am!!

There will be a whole host of brands showing off their 2014 kit for you to demo. RRD, EZZY, Goya/Goya, Fanatic/North, Tabou/Gaastra, JP/NeilPryde, Patrik/Sailloft, Simmer/Simmer and Severne/Starboard are showing their support for the competition weekend by bringing down a vast range of windsurfing and SUP equipment.

The price for competition entry will be £20.00 for this price you will get a full weekend of organised competition, use of the demo kit, competition tips from the Pro’s, use of WWWC club facilities including surf and sup boards, a Saturday night social featuring Andre Paskowski’s final film ‘BELOW THE SURFACE’.

If you would like to TEST any new kit please come down for the weekend it will be a unique chance to try all the latest toys in one place call or email us for more information on this

Test kit will be available from 10 am till 4 pm at the club .

To enter the 2XS Open please download the entry form and either email or send to the WWWC club. Parking at the beach will be £2.50 for the day, with no launching charge for windsurfers.

For more info contact James or Ollie at WWWC on 01243 513077 or West Wittering Windsurf Club –West Wittering Estate,West Wittering PO20 -8AU 01243 513077 ..

The Big Storm – 28 October 2013


At first light Rossco, James and Ollie from West Wittering Windsurf Club were up trying to get to the beach.
Storm force winds overnight had downed trees and made it hard to get to the beach.

At just after 8am the beach opened as the Storm passed through gusts of wind were still in the 45 knot range this morning – gusts had been over 70 mph at 5 am according to local weather data, Chimet. …

Holly Bassett wins 2013 BSUPA Womens Paddlesurf Championship @ Watergate Bay

Holly Bassett competed and won the Ladies division last weekend in the BSUPA National Championships at Watergate Bay Cornwall. The Stand up Paddlesurf event draws competitors from all over the UK with divisions of men, ladies and juniors.

They have to compete in surf and get judged by a panel of trained ISA judges for wave riding style, wave selection and radical moves. Holly has been placed well in previous competitions in the junior section but has never made it through into the final heats of the ladies . This season she was very determined to do her best and get placed in the top three in the women’s division.

The heats last 20 minutes each so its making the most of the waves that come through and the style of riding the judges are looking for. Holly competed on the Saturday and won her first heat, on the Sunday morning the women’s final was held but the result was not disclosed until 5 pm at the prize giving. Former BSUPA British Champion Neal Gent was ripping throughout the event but difficult with inconsistent waves in his heat he was knocked out in a closely fought quarter final; Matt Argyle top wave Sup rider made it also through to the semis.

This year the level of riding has radically improved with new pro surfers entering the competition the SUP surfing standard is getting more radical. I had managed to get through to the 2nd round but lost against Jan Sleigh and Reuben in my second heat –the 20 minute heat felt like a 2 hour session! At the the prize giving we were surprised as the names were read out we realised she was in first place we hadn’t expected this – not only had Holly won the Junior under 16 girls, she had won the women’s and was awarded The Watergate Bay Water Women award for 2013 – “now we have a British Champion in the family it was emotional !”

Holly now has a place at the International Surfing Association World Championships in Nicagura in February .

Well done to all the competitors including new British champ Matt Barker Smith and in second place Aaron Rowe and Louis Harrow Junior champ.

Pics by Simon Bassett /Bob Berry