Epic Monday 4th November 2013 – West Wittering

Watched this while I was teaching a paddle surf instructors course from the club house!!

Hard to believe how radical the waves were. Between the sets you see just the mast tips!

I watched Randall, Emile and Ian Whittaker linking up between 5 and 6 big turns then the big lip hit.

The current was full throttle the guys were getting properly pounded when they got it wrong.

Good to see the Joliffe road posse Dave Gammon, Paul Metcalfe, Ian and Raggi travelling West for some wave action.

Here’s Emiles comments on the session:

I turned up at West Wittering expecting to go for a paddleboard – the surf was looking very nice. Walked from the van to the clubhouse and Rossco pointed out that it was about 18-20 knots and cross-off so we might be able to go for a sail!

I grabbed the Goya Custom Quad 94 and Banzai 5.0 and jumped in the water (is there a better float-and-ride combo?)

When we first hit the water, the tide was still strong and the wind was very light. Randall and I wobbled out the back, with a fair bit of swimming. We then had to sail straight downwind to stay out of the harbour! In the beaming sunshine, we caught a bunch of waves each before anyone else hit the water. I had never seen West Wittering like this – perfect sunshine, clean head-high waves, cross-off and a very nice bowling inside section! The best thing was that you never actually had to sail upwind – the tide did that for you. At one point, when the wind went really light, we both actually had to walk downwind.

All the boys showed up within half an hour and the wind picked up enough for it to be really nice – everyone was smiling in disbelief at the conditions.

I have lived and sailed in the Witterings for the last 15 years and I have NEVER had conditions like this….

More please?

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