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Axis Foils for Wingfoiling

Axis have been building high quality foil equipment for kitesurfing and prone surfing for a while – over the last few seasons they have pioneered many of the new high aspect foil profiles which have been perfect for wingfoiling! The Axis foil range is extensive, allowing you to choose perfect options to suit your weight, conditions and ability .  The Axis modular foil system is constructed out of high quality alloy, with carbon mast options and two types of fuselage system “S Series” and the thinner “B Series”.  The Axis S Series fuselage system has a range of thicker chorded wing foil profiles and the B Series range thinner chorded profiles .

What we like at 2XS about Axis is the build quality – if you are into high quality mountain bike hubs, stems, bars – then you will like Axis foils!

The Axis range is extensive, with families of wings in many different sizes and different mast sizes and fuselage lengths. 

If you find it too complicated best thing really is to come to 2XS and speak to Simon the Axis foil expert he will guide you through the options or 01243512552 .


Key points about Axis Foils

Adrian Roper owner, founder and chief designer is passionate about developing foils -you can see this uncompromised approach in all of the products.

Stiffest foil mast connection on the market -so very precise handling and no deflection or twisting on connection with board

Torx screw sets – easier for tensioning foil wings and mast to fuselage – easier to undo – titanium sets also available as an upgrade

Carbon masts fit all B-Series and S-Series fuselages

All tail wings fit both B-Series and S-series

B series fuselage is thinner and has different bolt pattern to  the S series ( so you need to buy correct front wing type for your chosen fuselage)

Large choice of mast length options – all fit fuselage with a DooDah – this creates the very stiff connection between fuselage and mast.

Axis have two thickness of masts the 16m is for kitesurfing – we mostly always sell the 19mm thickness for winging, sup, surf and windsurf foiling.

Large choice of front wings and tail wings .

Axis build foils for wing foiling, surfing, sup surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Axis front and tail wings are all made in a carbon construction

AXIS Broad Spectrum Carve series front wings (BSC) – learning /progressing
Axis call this their low aspect foil – designed to be forgiving but still fast and a good performer, perfect for first time wingfoilers the perfect all rounder, and still very progressive.

Axis Pump and Glide front wings (PNG) -progressing /flat water and waves
Very popular with wingfoilers and sup foilers next stage on from the BSC with more glide – need better technique to getting this on the foil – more pumping to start but still forgiving.

Axis High Performance Speed front wings  (HPS)faster- more glide flatwater/ waves
These front wings  glide fast well and turn pretty fast available in lots of sizes – very popular for wing foiling both flat and in surf conditions

Axis Surf Performance front wings (SP)   – surf and winging -tighter turning
The Axis surf performance wings are designed for surf and wing foiling slightly slower due to fuller chord, more raked leading edge for fast turns.  The  thickness of the wing brings consistent speed when switching through turns.

Axis Art Research front wings  (ART)
This is the new wing that Axis reckon’s is revolutionary – fast, very easy to turn – very good stall rate – still holds when you breach a wing tip – smaller faster sizes that give performance

Axis Carbon Tail wings -these are divided into – freeride and freeride small, pump, progressive and speed – in simple terms – bigger front wing, bigger tail wing – but this is where you need some advice.

Axis new Froth Wing boards – available Jan 22!
Haven’t seen the new boards yet -but the 21 boards we had were pimp, light and a great shape – all made in  the Kinetic factory so really well made -the new range has a lot more sizes from 160 ltr down to 45 ltrs

Axis Super Easy Starter winging foil (SES) package which will have a 1040 (1957 sq cm ) or a 940 (1607sq cm ) for lighter riders – Axis will also be launching this  foil set which has fiberglass wings aimed at your first foil but with the S- series alloy 19mm fuselage and mast this is expect early January 22.

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