Goya /Quatro 2022 NEW GEAR – Tarifa

Managed to sneak out to Tarifa with Andy Chambers last week to get a preview of the 2022 season Goya, Quatro and some of the new KT products.   Tarifa is where Goya/Quatro/KT/MFC have their European headquarters.  .Lalo Goya, Mateo, Alex, Guime and the rest of the Team showed us the new products and each evening took us out to some of the finest restaurants in Tarifa.

On the board front the  – Goya  Custom 4 Pro Surfwave Quad – has had a complete upgrade, it feels lighter,  faster, rail to rail it moves quicker I thought than previous models, jumps just as well and has had the volume adjusted more in the nose and a thinner tail .  Seems to work well in cross, on shore and has a very sharp look and graphics this season.   New slot boxes underneath so there is some adjustment for fin positioning – 10 sizes are available from 54 ltrs to 114 ltrs .

Goya Surf wave Thruster 3 is available in 5 sizes from 76 ltrs through to 99 ltrs a new shape again feels lighter, faster and loser feel on the wave. This is a classic all round, all condition wave board that fits perfectly in the UK conditions and still has the pedigree to ride waves when you get clean conditions. It comes with a US centre and slot box sides and like the Goya Quad has a new s -glass and carbon construction, bio resin and is full double sandwich for extra strength.

Can’t personally decide between Goya Thruster and Goya Quad so might have both!

Goya One this has been a favourite of ours for a few years,  the new Goya One still feels good, great for all round conditions,  this season the board feels like it has been tweaked and slightly faster to get on the plane;  quick in the turns and as good on waves as always.  It feels lighter again which is a general feel across all the boards in the Goya Quatro line for 2022.

Goya Nitro Goya have launched a new board based on Marcilio Browne’s on shore wave boards – the new design feature fins and strap positions fully on the tail, designed to give the most speed in smaller waves on shore with plenty of current and get the most speed in a straight line and on wave face .Currently there are 3 sizes from 89 to 106 but there is talk of smaller sizes coming in this boards line .

In the rest of the board range there has been plenty of development – Goya’s popular freeride board the Goya Volar single fin  has been re shaped more compact a new squash tail, new graphics and a overall lighter feel should prove super popular this coming season , the  Goya Carrera Carbon has had a full make over and is now looking fast and ready to rip through chop .

Within the Goya accessories line it looks like new mast line, the ultra carbon super light mast line that sits above the 100% carbon masts – New Skinny booms have dropped in price, new harness lines, boom mast and extensions look solid.

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