Duotone Slick 2023 Review

The new 2023 Duotone Slick is launched today , 13th April 2023,  the boom mounted wing is in its 3rd version as the Slick and in its 5th remodel since the  early Duotone Echo wing and the original Duotone Foil Wing .

So what is new – well it looks like  absolutely everything on this wing – new outline, stiffer leading edge strut, more tension in the canopy and new reduced stretch material.   More segments in the leading edge that support the tension in the leach material and there is more material between the centre strut and main canopy.  It feels very light and super balanced.

I had chance to try this a couple of weeks ago and have had all the Slick versions as well having the new Duotone Unit in both Dlab and regular construction.  I tried the  Duotone Slick 4.0 in flat water in winds from 15 knots to 25 so its was pretty gusty.  I found the wing has more power to pump without the leach of the wing opening up too much.  You can feel more back hand power as the leech is tighter because of the new white MOD 3 material and the extra segments in the Leading edge/wing tips.  It is very noticeable the extra power over the  Duotone SLICK SLS,  there is definitely more power when you need it to get up on the plane and immediately you can dump it by sheeting out.

Soon as you get in planing position the compact shape and shorter wing tip span feels good and you seem to catch wing tips less. I like the fact the you can grab the boom in different positions with your hands found this an advantage  in getting round gybes and tacks . I didn’t notice any issues with the balance of the wing – using the carbon skinny boom .

As the wind picked up I felt very much in control it  would easily de power the wing by sheeting and holding over head to dump power . What I had noticed as you reach the upper limit’s on the wind speed on different wings is the shifting centre of effort  and distortion in strong gusts – the new Slick version 3  holds its shape in over powered conditions.  It also seems super stable when you flag the wing and sits in horizontal position without bouncing around.

It seems the new construction of the both the Duotone Unit and Slick are very similar -a really big step forward with the tighter leech wing design but not at the expense of extra weight – these are very light – the Mod 3 material is more durable and will stretch less.  The Slick outline is more compact and is especially noticeable in the bigger sizes. The Slick is a wing you can use in flat water, chop and waves it’s a solid all rounder.

Duotone offer this version on a D/Lab construction – the  Duotone D/Lab has the Allula fabric which is a zero  stretch leading edge and centre strut that is lighter, stiffer and doesn’t absorb water – and yes its more expensive.   It will increase the wind range of each wing and control – we have D/Lab version of the Slick and regular construction so give us a call and come down and check them out at the 2XS DUOTONE Pro wing Centre West Wittering .

Duotone Slick 2023  is  available in 3m, 3.5m 4m, 4.5m 5m, 5.5m 6m & 6.5m

Check out the product here

Duotone D/Lab Slick 2023 is available in 4m, 4.5m, 5m, 5.5m, 6m & 6.5m – the D/Lab model is launched 19th April 2023.

We have the new models in stock and DLab and regular version .

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