Become a windsurfing Instructor in Greece this summer with Watersports Nomad

Become a windsurfing Instructor in Greece. 

There is no better job than being paid to do something you love. Becoming a Windsurfing Instructor in Greece will allow you to get paid to travel and work, share your skills, teach others and watch them grow. Plus it’s a great way to push your own personal level while at work, AND anyone can do it even if you have no experience!

We are proud of our partnership with WATERSPORTS NOMAD, they provide the highest quality instructor training courses for both windsurfing and sailing at our base @Club Vass in Vassiliki, Lefkada, Greece.

There are two Options:  

Watersports Nomad trainees benefit from the amazing kit, atmosphere and off the water social scene at Club Vass.

Check out our How to guide:

Have you got a desire to work and travel?  

Being a competent windsurfing instructor will give you the opportunity to travel, work and network with a wide range of watersports enthusiasts. Not only will you have a lovely old time but it can elevate your career and provide a lot of transferable skills useful for all walks of life.

Are you looking to enter the watersports industry?

Searching for a way to work abroad? Planning on taking some time out in the sun? Or maybe you haven’t planned your gap year yet?

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