First Epic Windy Windsurf in October

October is here and the water still seems to be warm. I have just watched Emile, Ian, Paul, James, Alex and a few others windsurfing into some decent waves at West Wittering. Ian was really going for it and getting himself some major air time of the lip with his new EZZY Taka 3 and Goya Quad. The wind was super gusty and changeable (Easterly) at West Wittering Beach and got up to 30 knots by the end of the day. The sand bars have changed a little and this meant the waves are firing at West Wittering at the moment. Emile was on new Goya Banzai had some good sections as did Paul and James on  the outer bars. Max Alex and Alexis went kiting but it didn’t get good until end of the day when tide pulled out.

It felt like a day in Tarifa rather than West Wittering… Bring on more October sessions!

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