First look: RRD Cult Wave 2013

2013 RRD Cult Quad LTD at 2XS
Just had delivered the first in country 2013 75 RRD Cult quad ltd to the RRD test centre at West Wittering. Looks very different to the previous model – on first impression it is lighter, has a new fin set – (ultra fin style – more upright), a new outline – narrower rails and much thinner in overall thickness than previous cults. The new RRD cult Ltd 2013 has a flatter rocker line with more vee into a double concave and a narrow pintail.

You will notice each model is wider this season (approx 1 cm) so the concept here is thinner overall thickness for improved handling and early planning and a more surfboard thinner rail style for better grip and control.

Specs are as follows for 2013 models:
RRD Cult Wave Quad Ltd 75 Litres: 229×57, 83Ltrs X 230 X 57
RRD Cult Wave Quad Ltd 92 Litres: 231 X 61,100 litres 233 X 62

You notice the contest line is now called the LTD and is made in the super light contest construction. The RRP on these are £1650 and delivery is 15th September for the 92l, 75l, and 100l and then the 83l will be arriving 30th September.

If you need any more info please send me an email

We looking forward to testing this board over the weekend as it look like it will be windy – call Chris @ the windsurf club on 01243 513077 to book your test ride.

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